Budget Friendly Countertops and Where to Find Them.

        If you want to change some part of your house but can’t change much at the moment, we recommend that you take up the task of upgrading the one thing that won’t cause much trouble that are your kitchen’s countertops. Improving your home is something that you would always want to do. However sometimes your budget does not allow this luxury/ necessity.


        Getting new countertops for your kitchen is easy and does not cause much of a hassle. Whether you want to get it done by professionals or by yourself. If you are looking for ideas you have come to the right place. Not only are there many options available for you to choose from but it is also pocket friendly. Modernization is a great thing. It has changed the face of so many things for the better. The most popular countertop materials used these days vary from sizes, styles, designs and the cost too. So you can add beauty to your home without having to pay a lot.


Following are a list of few materials that can be used to give your kitchen a great new look.

1. Quartz:

        Quartz?! Sounds expensive, right? Nope. Quartz actually means engineered stone, especially when we are talking about kitchen countertops. This is in reality a man-made material that that contains about 90 percent quartz. This is broken down into small chunks to which resins and coloring are added and made into slabs. This might be an amazing option for people who are looking to renovate their kitchens within a low budget. According to some research quartz has surpassed even granite as the most popular and best one used for countertops. Quartz is practically resistant to many sorts of stain causing materials. Especially those caused by acidic food. To top all that nothing much required to keep the countertops looking better for years to come.

2. Granite:

        Granite is a fully natural and pure stone. Its appearance is formed by the different weathers and climate, the earth and is formed over hundreds of years. That is the secret of its unique and beautiful design. The reason it can’t be compared to others is that it is a gift from Mother Nature. It is also available in a very vast variety of colors extending from reds to blacks and from blues to even browns, incredibly beautiful patterns that are hard to beat. This is the main reason granite was the first choice for countertops for a long period of time. Since it’s a natural material, it needs protection against stains. This protective seal needs to be applied every 10 to 15 years. This is a very durable material might be a good choice if you are looking for a stunning kitchen.

3. Ceramic Tile:

        There was a time when concrete was seen as the best that happened since sliced bread. This was, however in the 1970s and 1980s. It has fallen out of favor since then. Although this might be a very good option if you don’t have much to spend. With just 50 dollars include the price of installation. If you are looking for some positive change in your home and are on a very tight budget, this might be a good idea.

It’s not just super cheap but also is very durable and easy to clean and to make things better you can put hot pans and pots on top of it without the risk of damaging it. It comes in many different colors, designs and even textures. However, be warned that it cracks and chips quite easily.

These are some of the materials that can be used to renovate your kitchen within a budget. If you looking for lavish- looking renovations go for granite and quartz. However concrete and ceramic tiles also make for a good kitchen countertops. Do your survey and get a new beautiful kitchen.



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