3 Better Ways to Spend that Tax Refund

After a long year of hard work, you finally get your tax return. This can be spent on a variety of different financial expenses, and can we wasted just as easily. Make sure you are using your tax return to benefit your financial future in each and every way.


If you’re like 83 percent of people who file their tax return, you’ll get another refund this year. The question is, how will you spend it? If you think of a tax refund like a bonus, you might treat it differently. Instead of trying to find a way to spend it as quickly as possible, you might want to consider looking at it as investment income. Here are three ways to help you maximize your refund intelligently.


Invest It

Investing your tax refund can give you an easier way to earn income. Even if you are just starting out and want to start building an investment portfolio this is an excellent option. The right investment can compound your earnings for the long term.

There are many ways you can invest your money. Each investing strategy should be looked at carefully and with time invested in the research. It’s not all about investing your money, it’s about knowing where to invest your money. Take the time to figure out which investing strategy best fits your lifestyle so you are able to take full advantage of the benefits investing offers

If you are unsure how to go about investing, think about reaching out to an investment firm. They can give you excellent options to invest in. Obviously, it is important to know which investments are worthwhile and which ones are riskier. Starting out, look for low-risk investment opportunities.

Get Rid of Credit Card Debt

Another great way to use your tax return is to pay off debt. Credit cards can eat up your income especially if you are in over your head. Instead of spending your tax return on frivolous items, put money on your debt.

If you can’t pay off all of your debts with your refund check, start with the debt that has the highest interest rate. For most people, this is credit card debt.

By paying off your high-interest debts now, you can save yourself a ton of money in interest later. After all, it’s not uncommon for credit cards to have interest rates as high as 20% or 30%!

If you have credit cards, for example, every month that goes by you are paying more. Pay off your highest credit card accounts first, since you’ll pay much more in interest on them than you will on accounts with lower balances.

Put It into Savings

Saving money is always a good idea. The trick is to find the best outlet to save. The average savings account will run between 1% to 5%. You can also consider other high-interest saving accounts that can earn from 5% to 10% from your refund. Even if you don’t have a savings account now, you can open up your own with a refund from the IRS.

The first and most effective way of benefiting from your tax return, is by simply saving it. When you save the money you get back, you aren’t wasting it on things you might end up not even needing, and you don’t accidentally wasting it trying to invest it right away either. Simply stash it away in your bank account and use it when you know exactly how it can benefit you. You should have a savings account set up and ready to go already, so this should be a simple thing to do.

There are always repairs that need to be done here and there, and it’s always nice to fix things that are an inconvenience. The important thing to think about it not just what could be repaired, but what truly needs to be repaired. This can be anywhere from a car engine that costs a couple hundred dollars that could turn into a repair that could end up costing thousands of extra dollars if you don’t get it repaired, to leak in your roof that could turn into needing a completely new roof. List all of the things that need to be repaired, and then put them in order of importance.

Consider these three tips to make better use of your of IRS refund.