4 Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Ever Buying A Phone

When it comes to buying a new phone, a lot of us are mainly influenced by the fame that phone holds and by the creative advertisements. In our minds, the ideal phone for us is the one which is the most hyped at the moment.

Giving you a reality check, this is not what you should look for when buying a new phone, there are so many other models that are much more budget friendly and might have features that are much more useful to you compared to the new hot phone you are dying to buy. Hence, before buying a new phone, ask yourself the following four questions.

Do you really need a flagship phone?

The two huge names in the cell phone technology industry are Apple and Samsung. These so-called phone Gods have intoxicated our minds by feeding us with the idea that these are the only two phone brands worth buying and the only two available in the market. In the last year or so, if your main focus has been on only these two brands then you have missed out on a huge range of phones with the same features and speed but lower cost. For example, the Nexus 5 retails for $300 and has the same processing speed as the $800 Galaxy S8. Therefore, ponder for a moment. Do you really need the brand names or are just concerned with the way your phone benefits you.

Is the iPhone really a must?

Ever since the iPhone was released in 2007, carrying the new model has been an ultimate goal. After the release, year after year Apple increases their prices and barely adds new features. It is true that at one time it was the holy grail of phones due to the innovative design but now the market is flooded with phones which has similar features and have a lesser impact on your pocket. Brands such as Honor, Huawei, Motorola have such a vast variety of amazing phones which retail for about $300 – $500. The Honor view 10, for example, has the same features as the $1,000 or more iPhone X with 6GB RAM, 128 Storage, and a fingerprint scanner. So unless you are a die-hard tech enthusiast, do you really need to stick to iPhones?

Can you avoid getting trapped into a contract?

Carriers will push you to buy an expensive plan with long contracts, that is a given and understood the fact. On top of that, if you don’t like your plan or have different requirements, you will have to pay pricey cancellation fees.

To avoid this hassle, research is a must. Secondly, if you buy an unlocked phone, you can pay upfront which will reduce your monthly payments drastically.

Is it really now or never?

As soon as a new phone is released, people pre-order those phones and line up to get their hands on it as soon as they can. This means that at the peak of the advertisement and claims of it being the best phone, you are paying the highest price possible. Especially when it comes to Apple and Samsung phones, it is studied that the prices are reduced by 30% after six months so it is ideal to wait for a little.

Moreover, the great Black Friday shopping holiday will bestow great discounts to undercut the sale of other competitors. Slow and steady wins the race.

Due to all these reasons, wait for the amazing deals, search and look around and then settle for buying a new phone. Know your needs.