All You Need to Know About Mattresses.

        There was a time when mattress hunting was a huge job. These were times of when people used to actually talk to each other face to face and not post pictures of their food on social networks. Simpler times, if you will. However these were the times when people were reluctant to change their mattress. Some families even stayed together because the cost and hassle of getting a new mattress was somewhat of a terror. Jokes apart, there was a time when people would try to keep a mattress for as long as possible because of all the hassle. Not just that, it was quiet expensive to replace a mattress.


If someone needed a new mattress the first thing they did, after coming out of denial, was visit a retail shop, walk around with a sales person who would just list the short range of coil-spring mattresses they had and then make a decision *gasp*. As if this all wasn’t enough torture, the price was usually above 1000 dollars.


Even today the prices of mattresses are steady and for a good and durable mattress you are still expected to pay a whooping big amount which can reach up to about several thousand dollars.

Time for Some Good News:

The good news in all this is that now you don’t have to be reluctant to purchase a new mattress just because of all the above mentioned problems. To top it all there are emerging start-up companies that are transforming the mattress industry. So if you decide to buy a mattress from one of these start-up companies they have a lot to offer along with good restful sleep all night long, unless you ate something bad or watched a horror movie.

Major Changes:

1. Online Availability:

        Since the launch of start-up mattresses companies the whole scenario of mattresses has changed forever and for the better. It has completely brought a new aspect of mattress shopping and buying, which the old mattress companies did not approve of. Why? Because they introduced the good changes and have broken the back of the mattress mafia (it’s a real thing!). The best thing is the availability of mattresses online.

        Yes! Like anything else you can now you can order a new mattress online. It will be delivered to your doorstep. The mattress mafia thought this would never work because nobody buys a mattress without seeing it in person, *evil laugh*. However the start-up companies proved them wrong. Following is a list of things offers;

  • New designs of mattresses
  • Special and better materials used to make mattresses that helped relieve pressure.
  • These mattresses provide good and restful sleep.
  • Variety of sizes, ranging from twin to king.
  • Starting prices of these wonder mattresses is 500 dollars
  • These new companies even gave a 100 day trial period, meaning that if you don’t like the new mattress you can return it. How amazing is that? They will first deliver it to you and later if you change your mind about it, you can return it. You will get a refund.
  • These companies use convenient, compact boxes to ship the mattress.

2. Material Used:

             While a traditional mattress is made from metal coil and spring, the new start-up companies have instead done some research and have used a range of new materials that are the product of technological innovation.

             These new mattresses are now made from multiple layers of memory foam with a high-quality foam at the base of it. Some mattresses even have gel infused foam. Why memory foam is better? Well because it was made by NASA for astronauts. It relieves pressure pain and is good for people with chronic pain conditions.

The new age of mattresses provide a much better and restful sleep for its users. It provides better options for far less amount of money than the traditional ones. If you are looking for a new mattress, start your search today.



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