Best Home Exercise Machines for Weight Loss

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Time for being embarrassed over a bulging tummy is long gone; you now need to set aside your lazy habits and start working out because hiding that fat accumulating within your stomach isn’t the only problem which comes along with obesity.Ranging from heart attacks to cholesterol-led problems, being overweight comes with its own complications!

People often complain about exercise being a time consuming task and that it’s difficult to manage a fitness centre in their very busy everyday routine. However, working out for long periods to reduce weight is a myth and can cause damage to muscles. We have rounded up a few at-home exercise machines for you which are not only easy to manage with tight schedules but also efficient in shedding that extra weight off your body.


The best way to burn off those extra calories is by boosting your metabolism, which is achievable through jogging or running, both of which are the facilities offered by a treadmill. While you can definitely walk or jog outside, howeverat times when the weather just wouldn’t work in your favour, or you wouldn’t want to run into a pesky neighbour, you can definitely set up a treadmill indoors and avoid trouble.

The speed and incline of the treadmill is adjustable, thereby if you feel your stamina building up over a few days, you can always make adjustments accordingly to make workout more challenging for yourself. The tougher your workout, the more calories you burn!

Rowing Machines:

Also used to train rowers, this exercise machine is made to mimic the actions of watercraft rowing, which in turn makes use of all the major muscle groups of your body; thereby providing a good full-body workout. Full body workouts are ideal for beginners, especially the ones who wouldn’t want extra strain coming on any specific part of their body.

Also if you are slightly overweight, this seated workout would suit you ideally, without letting strain on your legs and joints. This exercise however helps reduce moderate weight, and should better be coupled with some other sort of cardiovascular exercise to achieve optimum results.

Stationary Bikes:

For beginners or those suffering from a leg injury, this might be an ideal way to start, since a stationary bike is not only fun, but also lets you do other activities while you sit and engage your muscles; for example you can read your favourite book alongside, or watch TV or even put on a good movie and introduce weight loss into your normal routine, so that neither any of your activities, nor exercise is compromised.

Stationary machines have the advantage of preventing you from excessive strain on legs, knees and lower back. Moreover, they are generally cheaper than other machines.

Elliptical Machines:

Proper use of an elliptical machine guarantees a full body workout, just like a rowing machine however, since you perform the exercise while standing, more calories are burnt, making an elliptical more efficient. You can even adjust the resistance setting to make workout more challenging for yourself in order to reduce weight or build muscle mass.

Since the elliptical machines are generally more fluid and provide smooth motion, no weight acts as a strain on your hip joints, knees or ankles. This means, elliptical is useful even for the ones with any sort of joint problem, making the machine even more efficient.

Therefore guys, enough of your excuses and whining about the inability to lose weight! Now pick one you machine intend to use daily, whichever suits your purpose best and then you have to stick with it!