Best Luxury Sedan of 2018

Chevy’s Silverado 1500 has been the company’s top selling model this year. It is one of the biggest pickup style cars in terms of size. With a stylish design, this luxury sedan offers many unique features that make it the consumer’s first choice. The 2018 model of the car has a starting price of $28, 475. The price to quality comparison makes it a definite win-win. Here are some of the features of the Silverado 1500 that make such a hot choice!



There are two kinds of car buyers. Some people would only purchase a car if it has a classy exterior design. Without that, they won’t even consider the other features no matter how good the driving experience is or how classy the interior is. The Silverado 1500 was a winner for such people. With a luxury sedan style and big size, it looks like a strong car. The headlights have a very unique design. To coincide with the entire sturdy feel of the car, the fenders are also very masculine. Every other exterior feature is also very attractive.



The next factor is how nice the interior is. For one, the car is very spacious considering that it is one of the most full size pickup cars in the market. It is tall and wide enough to accommodate every passenger and driver comfortably. Up to 6 passengers can fit into this car without feeling congested. The big doors make it easy for people to get in and out of the back seats. This is usually an important aspect that is ignored by car manufacturers. Despite having 6 passengers, the car will still have enough space to let you put in more things!

The front seats are ventilated to offer a fresh experience at all times. The pedals are also adjustable so that the driver can be at maximum ease. You have the option to connect your Apple or Android phone for entertainment purpose. Enjoy your music with high quality sound system of the car.


Silverado 1500 is definitely a family car. This increases the need for safety and security. It won’t be wrong to say that you’ve got nothing to worry about in this aspect. First of all, the sturdy car design ensures maximum protection of those who are inside the car. In case of a collision, not only will your car bear minimum damage, you and your family will stay secure too. Secure seats, seat belts, child locks, and other must-have safety features are all included in the car.

If the basic security features don’t seem enough, you can always upgrade to the Enhanced Driver Alert package. You’ll get automated braking system, hearing aids, and other crash prevention features. Sensors will keep you in lanes, at a safe distance from obstacles or other vehicles, and the vibrating safety alert will warn you of any expected road hazards along the way.

Driving experience

The design aspect has definitely been catered to. Now let’s come to what’s the major decisive factor for most car buyers. Before investing a huge amount in a vehicle, people want assurance that the driving experience is smooth yet sturdy. The all-terrain tires will take you anywhere in the world! Bumpy roads, steep slopes or slippery off road paths, the car will provide a safe drive everywhere. This along with better suspension features itself is enough to convince you that the car is as smooth as you can imagine.

Chevy offers a number of variations that are special edition models. Metallic Ice Silver to Red Hot to Deep Ocean Blue, enjoy the Silverado 1500 with its mind blowing features and beautiful exterior!



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