Cars for Seniors – 2018’s Best Pick

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When young, we prioritise products which are in fashion, feature good aesthetics, as well as fulfill the basic requirements we need. Fortunately or unfortunately, however, the dream to rock the streets with the best of the cars available doesn’t really fade away as you grow older. With age, our preferences do change and that’s when factors such as easy control, good grip, safety concerns and economy of price needs to be incorporated into the cars which will not only satisfy our “young at heart” selves but will also keep the newer demands in check.

This is especially true while identifying suitable cars for senior citizens, and here is our best pick of the year 2018, keeping in mind their concerns and needs.

Nissan Rogue Sport:

A nicely finished interior which is sufficiently spacious, especially from the rear, makes this SUV a comfortable option for senior citizens. It also boasts of a prompt steering response, along with a pro-PILOT system which helps drivers to keep in their lane while driving amongst a stop-and-go traffic. This helps make sure you change lanes only when you need to, and if it detects that you are drifting away from your lane, the system will tap the breaks gently to give a warning and guide you back to your track.

Hyundai Kona:

Getting in and out of the car won’t be a problem anymore, since Hyundai Kona, a sub-compact crossover, features wider door openings. Just like Nissan Rogue Sport, Hyundai Kona too offers assistance in lane changing and also provides blind spot collision warnings in order to prevent accidents.  Additionally, with a smoother drive it also offers an easier to understand IVI (in-car infotainment system) which will keep you entertained for the length of your journey.

Buick Encore:

Safety becomes a major concern for senior citizens with limited visibility; however, Buick Encore eliminates it by providing a blind-spot or lane-departure warning, and a post-collision safety system. Its compact and small size makes it easier to steer and enables parking at your leisure. Buick Encore also comes with front wheel drive as well as an all-wheel drive which is needed for traction in winters. Most importantly, according to Edmunds, Buick is even offering up to $1500 in incentives making the car cheaper to buy especially for the ones with a tight budget.

Subaru Forester:

This tough little buddy together with its boxy design is famous worldwide for its excellent visibility, thanks to those large windows giving unobstructed view. Additionally, safety measures such as facial recognition systems which enable fatigue or distraction to be addressed are also included. Moreover, according to Edmunds report, Subaru is offering buyers 0% annual-percentage-rate for two years.

Kia Niro:

This nimble-to-drive car comes with many advantages including a spacious interior fit to adjust even your grandchildren! It also has easier-to-use technology and brilliant safety systems such as a Vehicle Safety Management system, Traction Control system as well as a tire pressure monitoring system, all of which makes the car remarkably safe for the use of senior citizens. Moreover, Edmunds reports, Kia is also giving back up to $1750 cash back to buyers of 2018 Niro, rendering the SUV relatively cheaper than others.

Why should we compromise on a chance towards better aesthetics over safety concerns because of old age? Why not combine the two to absolutely conquer the roads? Therefore, all seniors out there pick up the car which suits you best and don’t miss on a chance to feel young again while you drive like a pro in a vehicle which is customized specifically for you.