Do You Really Need a Bed Cover For Your Truck?

Most people who own a truck arrived at that decision deliberately. Whereas sedan owners may have opted for the default for its reasonable features, truck owners tend to also be truck enthusiasts, and usually take the steps needed to take good care of their trucks.


But while most truck owners may add accessories designed to customize the style, improve the safety or protect the interior, one feature often goes neglected that could add some life to your truck: a bed cover.


It may seem optional, but it’s actually an absolute necessity for your truck. Here are a couple reasons why.

Protection for what you’re hauling

This is the most obvious reason. The most significant benefit of owning a truck is the ability to cart things around. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast and need to take your equipment with you on your travels, or if you use your truck to haul materials from worksite to worksite, whatever is in the bed of your truck is vulnerable to the elements.

Reduce the risk of losing thousands in ruined equipment and goods by protecting what you’re hauling under a bed cover.

Improve your gas mileage

One thing that trucks are not known for is fuel economy. This is a cost that truck owners just accept as a reality when purchasing their vehicles. But adding a bed cover to your track can reduce wind drag on the highway and improve your truck’s aerodynamics. It’s an effect that’s actually been proven to reduce how much fuel your truck eats on the highway.

It’s a cost-effective and stylish addition to your truck

Of all the accessories you could add to your vehicle for any purpose, bed covers serve the dual purpose of both adding style and flair to your truck while doing so at a comparatively lower price tag. Where other accessories could set you back in the high hundreds or even thousands of dollars, bed covers start as low as two hundred bucks.

Save’s you money on gas.

With a cover over the bed you get less drag or resistance when driving.  When you have less drag you use less gas. This means that having a bed cover can get you better gas mileage in your truck, which saves you money in the long run.

You can really benefit from the cover if drive long distances every day as the savings will definitely start to add up.

Keeps Your Truck Looking Nice

A truck’s appearance can also be enhanced by having a truck cover. The cover hides any items that you may be carrying around in the bed.

A cover just makes your truck look neater and more streamlined rather than having a bunch of items rolling around in the bed of your truck.

It also protects your bed from getting muddy or dirty as you are driving as well as helps prevent fading of the bed liner.

Weather protection

The outside elements have no sympathy for the uncovered personal belongings in your bed, and when preparing for long road trip, or even a short commute from work, the weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared to protect your belongings everywhere you go with one of our one piece hard covers. All ABS covers fully wrap over your trucks bedrails and work in conjunction with a double bulb weather seal to keep your gear dry. From the original Truck cover Classic to the newest Elite LX, check out a cover that works best for you.


All Truck cover’s come standard with security features to keep out unwanted guest. “Out of site, and out of mind” is one of your truck beds biggest deterrent to keep out criminals. Don’t go out uncovered with expensive items laying visible in the back of your truck bed. Leave them knowing they are secure in the safety of the Truck cover SE single point lock system.

Save gas

Closed air truck beds, like the Truck cover Elite, lower air resistance and help your miles to the gallon go up. With better MPG’s road trips are a breeze and you can spend less time at the pump, and more time doing what you love.


Truck cover has set the industry standard when it comes to fit and finish. Each model is custom fit to your trucks year, make, and model. Considering a painted finish? No problem. Truck cover LUX and Elite LX come painted straight from our factory to your truck. Whatever model you choose, rest assured your truck will look immaculate when topped off with an Truck cover.


Or Truck cover Flex offers multiple riding positions, allowing you to your truck however you please without having to remove the cover. If you are seeking a one piece hard cover such as a our original Truck cover Classic, they are light weight, simple to remove, and easy to store!