Finding The Right Medium For You

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The difference between a great psychic medium and one that falls flat lies in your experience. Luckily, there are a few ways to find a medium that will give you real insight into your life. Here are a few tips to find one for you.

Tip #1. Always Ask Around

One of the best ways to find a good psychic is to ask around. That might involve looking at online reviews or asking friends and family if they know of a good medium locally. You can also ask what they liked about the reading and how it played out.

Ask yourself honestly, why you want to see a medium or psychic? What is your motivation? Are you just curious or you experiencing a crisis in your life and you want some further advice? You might have lost a loved one and you know that some mediums are able to give proof of survival after death, which can be very reassuring.

The answer to the above questions will lead you closer to what you are looking for. If you experience a difficult situation in your life and want some advice of course you can go and see a psychic.
Psychics are more focused on working with your energy, the energy of your soul or akashic records.

A spiritual medium in its classic sense, delivers proof for life after death rather than focusing too much on your personal energy in that present moment. The focus of spiritualist mediums is to give evidence of your loved one from the spiritual world and then to bring you a message (in churches) that would assist you on your way.

Unfortunately many people or even working mediums/psychics are not aware of the difference between mediumship and psychic work. This is often caused due the lack of qualification and standard in their work and dependent on the teachers they have learnt from.

Working on a psychic level is a totally different energy than working on a mediumistic level, but both of them are equally important or worth.

There are mediums who will ask why you contacted them and its okay to say that you have a certain problem or question (but don’t name the problem or question) that is the mediums/psychic job to find out. But say it might has to do with your life or you are in need to speak to someone who has passed over into the spiritual world.

Tip #2. Think About What You Want

Ultimately your experience with a psychic will come down to your expectations. So, start by thinking about what you want to achieve, discover, or learn from the medium reading. This is particularly important because not every medium specializes in the same thing. Some focus on love while others look at your life in general or connect you with loved ones on the other side. Outline your expectations and then search for the right psychic.

Tip #3. Ask Other Psychics For Recommendations

This might seem odd, but you can even ask psychics themselves for recommendations. The community is strong, and mediums are happy to provide advice to people seeking answers. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals.

Some psychic readers will not limit the amount of times a client can see them and will continue to regurgitate the same advice over and over. You don’t agree with this, because it doesn’t empower people to use their own free will. Psychic advice can be eye-opening and helpful on occasion, but remember:  You have free will and all choices are ultimately up to you!

Tip #4. Remember Price Doesn’t = Quality

Just because a psychic charges you $300 per hour doesn’t mean they are any better at reading your life than the one that charges $50. Don’t consider price when making a decision on who to hire. What makes a good psychic are a natural ability, education, ethics, and of course intuitive power. If you are interested in connecting with a psychic, then all you have to do is a little research. At the end of the day, following your own intuition can be the best way to find a good medium. Use these tips in correspondence with your own “gut” feeling, and you’ll like what you end up with.