Goodbye Telephones; Ways to Use VoIP

       With the advancement of technology so many things have changed for the better. We have faster and better and bigger everything. This is no surprise that the way people make phone calls has changed dramatically as well. There was a time when you only had one landline telephone. Now a days those are sitting as antiques on one of the many decorative shelves of the house.


       It was oddly satisfying banging the ‘receiver’ of the telephone while hanging up during an argument. 90’s kids probably remember that feeling. If you are a millennial you undoubtedly didn’t understand few words in the first sentence. Even though there are still landlines used but majority of people have opted for VoIP.


What is VoIP?

       The first thing to know is that VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. This is when you use the internet to make phone calls. This communication through internet has revolutionized phone calls in ways that are incredibly amazing.

Decline of the Telephone Dynasty:

       There was a time people fought over who had to make the most important phone call. There was one line and a few telephones in different rooms of the house. If you had your own landline, in your room, you were very posh and cool. This changed when cell phones arrived. There was even a better change when broadband came into existence.

       Instead of being chained to the telephone and sitting in one place, people are now chained to the charger of their smart phones. Jokes apart, you can easily travel with your phone with the whole internet in your pocket with just a few clicks away.

Ways VoIP Took The Throne From Telephone:

       Have you ever realized that even though we use the terms, ‘hang up’ or ‘pick up the call’ we don’t actually do that. We just click or slide on the screen on our smartphones. This is how telephone has been revolutionized. Following are the ways in which this revolution happened.

1. Computer to Computer:

       Now you can make calls from one computer to another computer. By computer, we mean any digital device that can use broadband. This means you can even make calls from smartphones to other smartphones. For this you don’t even need to have credit in your cell phones, just a good internet connection will do the trick. The VoIP is possible with just a good broadband connection or if your network provides good phone data. This includes devices like tablets, laptops and even desktops. With the desktops and laptops you will be needing a microphone and speakers or just a headset that has both.

       There are so many services available on the internet for VoIP. The pioneer is probably Skype, they introduced video calling as well. This means you can now look at the person while talking on the VoIP, even if that person is halfway across the globe. The main thing is, that just like in a telephone call, for a VoIP both people should have an internet connection and a device to make the VoIP happen.

2. Phone to Phone:

       Fortunately, VoIP can be done even if you don’t have a computer or smartphone. Phone to phone calling can be done with VoIP with cell phones and analog phones. Although this process is convenient it will cost a lot of money along with someone on both ends the communication to take place.

       The adapter in the analog phones can be used to convert the voice data into a digital format that is sent over the internet or even the network. All you need to do is install the required software and you can place calls using VoIP service.

In order to get good prices and good connections to make VoIP with good voice quality you should do a little survey on who provides a better service. Now, with latest technology, all you need to do is install the latest apps and start making VoIP.