Healthy Cat Food

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         Let’s get one straight, cats love food. They will ask for food even if they had just had a big helping of their favorite cat food. They will eat anything that is delicious. Since they are like us, meaning all they do is eat, sleep and think of ways to conquer the human world, they need to get to eating healthy. Well because frankly, they don’t exercise. Have you ever seen a cat out for a run? No! They like to bask in the sun and let their servant . . . Sorry, their owners do the work.

         Cats also need a healthy balanced diet to live. This diet should contain a certain amount of some ingredients to keep them healthy. Whether your cat is old or just a teeny tine cute little kitten the right diet is very important. The best thing is to feed them according to their age and lifestyle. For that to happen you will have to do some research so you will know which brand offers all the nutrients you have been looking for, for your feline counter-part.

Types of Cat Food:

         There are majorly two types of cat food. To choose the best for your domesticated cat can be somewhat of work. Since cats are strictly carnivores, they need a protein rich diet. While you might think the food brand is offering that, you might want to get a closer look. Usually instead of healthy protein, there are fillers corn added along with other fillers. These can be harmful for the cat in the long run. The two types of food for the cat available are;

1. Wet Cat Food:

         People usually go for the wet cat food for their cats because it has a consistency that is similar to the one that cats eat in the natural environment. This type of food is similar to meat. Especially since it is composed of chunks of fish and meat. Which is why cats are attracted more to the smell and taste these wet cat food exudes. These brands more often than not, add some additives in this wet food so that the cat will crave the taste of their brand. Evil, right? The things people do for money!

2. Dry Cat Food:

         Dry cat food might not look as appealing as wet cat food, however, veterinarians are of the view that dry cat food is composed of an ideal mix of the nutrients that cats need. Hence they recommend dry cat food. The hard part is switching cat food because once your feline develops a taste for a certain type of brand they refuse to eat any other.

If you have been trying to make up your mind about wet or dry cat food, it can be tough because both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However there are new options available for cat owners. These are given below;

  • Age-specific Formulas:

The best way to choose the perfect cat food is to match your cat’s age, sensitivity and lifestyle with the formulas available.

  • Certified Ingredients:

To make sure that your cat is actually eating meat based products and not animal by-products (yes that happens) make sure you get your cat food from a brand that is certified.

As an owner of a cat, you should conduct plenty of research and must have sufficient knowledge about cat food before choosing one for your feline. There are ample of cheap cat foods out there that are made of preservatives and vegetables which are harmful for your cat. It is your duty to keep your cat healthy and provide them with good food. You keep the above points in mind before going and buying food for your cat.