How to Cruise Without Going Broke.

         Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just go on a cruise after working all year long? Just a few days on the water. Living the life with a cocktail in one hand and the cell phone in the other one, because taking pictures is how we make memories.


         There was a time when taking a cruise was a luxury people could afford easily. The fact that everyone has been effected by the unstable economy and skyrocketing fuel prices cannot be denied, cruise line has also been adversely effected. This made people who love to travel, reluctant to book a cruise. Nobody wanted to spend all their money on a cruise especially since along with the economy issue there have been quite a few mishaps. So the prices of cruises fell intensely. All because ships wanted to encourage people to start cruising again.


         Now, it has become a fashion once again to start cruising again. People have turned towards cruising with much excitement. However what most people don’t know is, cruise ships are not as expensive as they seem. Since the ships still want to attract travelers towards themselves they still give pretty good discounts, which they gave when the economy was very low.

Amazing Discounts:

         Booking agents are hired to get as many travelers as they can as no cruise line would want many empty cabins when it starts sail. It is a difficult task to rope up a good number of travelers. The more the empty cruise ship cabins the lesser the income. The goal to be achieved is to have around two people for every cabin, which leads to approximately 107 percent of occupancy. This is for every ship that sets sail.

         So if staterooms go unsold, it means loss. To counter that, cruise ships are forced to give discounts and all- inclusive other packages. This results in cruises becoming a financially feasible option for just about anyone. All this is done to make sure that the passengers are onboard.

         The astonishing thing is cruise ships are willing to offer discount up to 50 percent off the actual price of the stateroom than leave a cabin un-booked.

 How to Look For Such Deals:

         Now comes the good part, how would you find the best deals and discount packages. As mentioned above, the cruise lines have a lot of pressure on them to get as many passengers onboard as they can therefore the discounts increase. With the date of departure coming nearer the pressure builds up which results in deals becoming even more alluring. Now this could be a rumor but it’s been said that you can save up to around 80 percent off the expense of the cruise. As if that wasn’t enough, get ready for more amazing news. They might give other discounts like those on food or drinks or even other services. How amazing is that?

         If this all sounds too good to be true, then you should know the reason behind it. Cruise ships are like hotels in many ways, what differs between the two is that hotels can have last minute check –ins. However, once the cruise ship sets sail, it won’t have any new customers. The empty cabins will remain empty for the entire trip. To avoid this they resort to giving discounts.

Best Deals:

         So here’s the thing, if you really want a huge discount on your next cruise, the strategy is to wait till the last few weeks before the departure. It will help if you have flexible holidays. If you can wait till the last one or two weeks before the departure, you might get the best deal there is.

If you have done some research and have the right kind of information. You can find amazing cruises, all within your pocket. All you need to do is keep the above mentioned points in mind and your eyes peeled for a good cruise.