How to Decide Between the Ford F-150 and the Ram 1500 For Your Next Truck Purchase

Market reports year after year show the same findings when it comes to what cars Americans are buying: full-sized trucks packed with power, capability and versatility have been dominating the American vehicle market for decades, beating out cars, SUVs and compact vehicles easily every single year.


With new releases every year that bring new and ever-improved features to the table, truck enthusiasts have come to expect a lot of the vehicles that they love. And as manufacturers have listened to the needs and wants of their consumers, luxury and impressive fuel economy are no longer something that truck enthusiasts have to miss out on in order to gain access to the utility that trucks offer alone.


So when faced with the decision between the best-selling Ford F-150 and Dodge’s close competitor the Ram 1500, how do you know which truck is right for you?

The Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 are not only the two bestselling trucks in the US, they’re also two of the bestselling vehicles in the country period. These high-power trucks are similar in many ways, but both find ways to distinguish themselves from each other. Ram models, for instance, have more technology and storage features; the Ford meanwhile, has focused solely on towing and hauling capacity.

For many, the choice between the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150 comes down to brand loyalty, but a closer inspection of the details reveals the advantages of the Ram 1500 as the perfect light-duty truck to fit all your needs.

First, the trims and features of the Ram 1500 outnumber the F-150 substantially. Ford structures their trims so there are only six of them, and you can add most features to trims a la carte. For Rams, however, to access most packages, you choose a separate trim (there are some exceptions). This simpler approach means there are many more trims from which to choose.

If efficient performance and safety are your priorities, then you will probably want to opt for the F-150.

With every new release, the F-150 shows marked improvements on its already impressive power and performance, but now also boasts a deeply improved fuel economy to boot. No other truck on the market can compare to the F-150’s industry-leading suite of safety features, making this truck the go-to choice for truck drivers who need a vehicles that can perform well in any environment and keep them safe no matter what.

For those who need comfort and ease in addition to versatility, the Ram 1500 is the best option

The Ram 1500 is frequently pointed to as the industry example for smooth drivability and easy handling. With no shortage of power and performance on its own merit, the 1500 offers a deeper level of physical comfort, perfect for drivers whose lifestyle demands long drives across various terrains. And with an exceptionally user-friendly interface and controls, this truck is a broadly accessible option for anyone.

Ford F-150 ENGINE

Most used F-150s offered by CarMax are powered by a V8 or V6 engine. The latest used F-150s can be had with a twin-turbo six-cylinder engine, which has nearly all the horsepower of the V8 (365 hp) and gives owners a strong mix of performance and fuel economy. A six-speed automatic gearbox transfers power to the wheels, two-wheel-drive-, awd-, or full four-wheel drive-style.

Dodge Ram 1500 ENGINE

The Ram’s 4.7-liter V8 or 5.7-liter Hemi® V8 get the job done whether you’re towing or just road-tripping; other options include a 3.6L or 3.7L V6 for better fuel efficiency. For drivers who need a little extra towing power, some of the latest Ram 1500s come with a torque-y six-cylinder diesel engine. All engines amply power the 1500 in its two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive variants. Fuel efficiency isn’t the best, but this is a full-size pickup—you probably know what you’re getting into here, mpg-wise. Hemi-engine Rams can deliver up to 21 mpg on the highway, and six-cylinder models like the late-model, two-door Tradesman can return up to 25 mpg.

The numerous trade-offs between the F150 and 1500 make it tough to pick a real winner. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Both are full-size pickups made by best-selling truck builders who have more than half a century of production under their belts. Both have similar engine choices and similar gas mileage; both have spacious interiors and plenty of optional features. While Ford gets points for agile performance and an edge on hauling capacity, the Ram scores with a combination of good fuel efficiency, a smoother ride, and an upscale interior.