How to Know it's Time to Change Your Car.

         There is hardly anyone I know who doesn’t love owning a car. The first car you bought or got was like a dream come true. However, you realized shortly afterwards that you wanted a new model or the one in black seemed better. Any person who loves cars regularly change their well-kept and well maintained models for a car that is newer, shinier, and sexier and the one with new features. They won’t even mind making car payments. Whether it’s because they want to try what other cars offer or just because they have to own that new car. However there is another kind of humans out there who won’t trade in their car no matter what. It could be because they are very sentimental and the car holds so many memories or they don’t want to go to the trouble of checking out a new car. Their car could be falling apart, piece by piece but they will still look the other way and keep driving that unsafe piece of metal around. Both these are extreme cases.


Time to Trade In:     

A good car should be kept for as long as in works properly. Plus once you the car has been paid for. It is nice to just begin a month without worrying about car payment. However, it is not wise to keep the car if it becomes a lot of work. Following are a few signs that will tell you it’s time to change your car.


1. The Car Needs Repairing Often Due to Frequent Breakdowns:

         The first sign of trading in your car is that it breaks down often and needs constant repairing. If this is the case and you constantly find yourself in a situation where you sit helplessly behind the wheel, super frustrated because of the car troubles it is time to think of a new car. This often makes you late for work or even makes you miss important events or appointments. These repairs are not only inconvenient and expensive but are also dangerous. You have to face the fact that cars don’t improve with age, like wine or Gorge Clooney.

The truth is it just wants attention that you can’t provide. So it’s best to part ways. Yes, new cars are expensive but you can’t put a tag on peace of mind.

2. Expensive Repairing:

         If your car’s repairing budget has become a routine and is draining your pocket, it is time to think of a new car. The money you keep paying for the repairs can cover the payments. At least you will have a good car. Most cars need maintenance, whether it’s tuning, or anew battery or even if it needs new tires. These are expenses that give the manufacturer a good amount even after having sold their car.

         If you think that the repair cost is exceeding the value of the car or even if it has become a routine making it look like a car payment, you might want to get a newer better model. The best part is, new cars come with free routine maintenance.

3. Bad Fuel Efficiency:

         The best thing about new cars is that they are fuel efficient. With the advancement in technology even the cars that came out 5 years ago are not as efficient as the ones that came out a month ago. As time passes, the engine becomes weak and need repairs, this causes the car to use more fuel. This results in you filling up the tank more frequently. You can even compare the mileage on your new car with the old one. This will save the gas money that you used to fill up the old car’s tank frequently.

These are a few reasons that tell you it is time for a new car. Plus who doesn’t love the smell of a new car. Remember the car you drive says a lot about you. It even influences your productivity ease of life and your overall peace of mind.



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