How to Upgrade to Business Class for Good

We all want to be treated in an exclusive manner; to make the minimum of effort and be rewarded with the best for it. Being a part of the VIP lounge of any community is where we all aspire to be in the coming years, even though it might go somewhat hard on our pockets. Despite all, we believe that the magic Cinderella’s godmother bestowed on her by transforming a servant girl into a royal princess will affect our lucks too, one fine day, helping us to upgrade our lives. A genuine problem with this kind of model is that we wouldn’t want to wait for the Royal Ball in order to transform our appearance.


Being able to travel in the business class of an airplane has been considered as the epitome of luxury and royalty. Where every traveller would want to have a chance at more privacy, spacious and more comfortable seats, a larger more delicious meal served with the finest of wines and most delicious cocktails and the opportunity to spend time at the VIP lounges of airport, not all of us are willing or have the capacity to spend three to five times the regular fare for it.


However, we can be your fairy godmother today, for in this post we are going to look at the various ways you can elevate your flying experience by upgrading to business class without having to pay more! Here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Loyalty:

Loyalty is nearly always rewarded, and the same is the case with joining an airline’s loyalty program or becoming its member. All you have to do is join the program, get the membership card and keep tracking your mileage and points. In the long run these will add up to provide you with an unexpected gift for being loyal to the airline. You shouldn’t hold back even if you just joined the airline; you would still be getting more perks than the irregular customers.

  • Quieter times:

Travelling during a public holiday can get messed up on many levels. Airlines often increase their rates during peak activity days which mean lesser business class seats would be available and there would be more competition for them. Instead, you should try and travel during quieter days, where the peak factor would be less and your chance of securing a business class seat would be more.

  • Online auctions:

The most famous method to secure business class seat is to take part in an online auction. At quieter days, many companies are left with vacant seats, to fill which they start an online auction where you can bid for the seat and end up securing it in a much lower price.

  • Look for smaller airlines:

You might think why opt for a business class of a smaller airline when the service would be even poorer than that of the economy class of a good airline. However, in recent years, some small airlines have upgraded their services drastically, the best examples of which are Hainan and Lot Polish Airlines. Yet again, its not really true for all airlines so be careful while choosing.

  • Upgrade your ticket:

The way to do it is to purchase an economy class fare and then use your mileage or points in order to upgrade it to a business class fare, whereby you would be saving on a large amount of money you’d need to spend while buying a business class ticket upfront.

  • Be earlier for your flight:

The upgrades that we talked about earlier are normally only available in limited amounts. So, through a first come first serve basis, you can upgrade your flight if you are a tad bit earlier.

These are some simple methods to upgrade your flying experience without the use of fairy godmother’s magical abilities. Just make sure you research your options well before opting for the most convenient one.