Ideas for Updating your Kitchen Cabinets

While you may get bored with your old kitchen, which has stains on the tiles by being used for a long time or is simply too outdated to look good, changing your home or even the kitchen won’t be a viable option, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, what you can do, is update your kitchen cabinets, in a more contemporary style and prepare to get surprised with the drastic change in your kitchen’s outlook!


An online search would reveal countless options that you can use for upgrading your kitchen cabinets, however, here’s our pick of the best ones!

  • Dark and modern wooden cabinets

If you have the luxury of a spacious kitchen, go for a darker and more modern outlook for your cabinets. Darker wooden cabinets add more liveliness to your kitchen and transform their look completely. Especially if you want your kitchen to give off a luxurious outlook, dark brown hues might work perfectly for you.

However, in a cramped kitchen, try not to go for a very dark hue of wood since such shades makes your kitchen look even smaller than before. Even if you do paint your cabinets dark brown, try incorporating lighter colors around them in order to subdue the effect.

  • Stainless steel or Metallic finish:

If you are looking for refurbishment with an aim to make your cabinets more durable, stainless steel or metallic finish to them is an ideal option. Stainless steel has the advantage of being extremely sanitary and easy to clean, thus catering to your germ-phobic nature.

For consumers who demand sustainable and green products, stainless steel is ideal since it can be recycled and also cleaned without using dangerous chemicals. To add to this, a metallic or stainless steel finish would give your kitchen the desired modern look, without causing damage to the environment.

  • Glass-fronted cabinets

If you want to flaunt your dishes, yet the idea of dust and grime reaching them wouldn’t let you have open shelves, you can now opt for glass fronted ones. Glass fronted cabinets act as a layer between your much favoured crockery and the dust in the environment, protecting it from damage and simultaneously showcasing it for everyone to see.

Giving a modern outlook, glass fronted cabinets definitely makes your kitchen look more glamourous. If you want to retain some of that welcoming and open look, try adding a single row of glass fronts to your cabinets while keeping the rest open. This will break the monotony and make your kitchen look more interesting.

  • Insert Mesh into Cabinet doors:

Are you tired of the same glass-fronted cabinets which reveal more about the contents of your cabinets than you would like to share? If that’s true for you, instead of thinking about changing the entire cabinet, a more affordable option can be to replace the glass fronts with a mesh in your cabinet doors.

Mesh comes in various patterns, materials and durability. Moreover, you can even choose whether you want a tightly woven mesh to completely cover your cupboard, which would help to hide the haphazardly placed contents, or you’d rather choose a loose one to give a peak of what’s inside, helping you to flaunt your new crockery!

Going back to the same kitchen everyday tends to get boring and monotonous, thus decreasing your enthusiasm to cook for your family. The best way to retain your energy to cook is by updating your kitchen as soon as you get bored. However, before you do that, make sure to search various options available in the market, and then pick the one you desire.



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