Mastering the Art of Online Dating

Online dating sites are the most common meeting point for couples. If you’ve been failing to find the man or woman of your dreams, maybe you’re not using the online platforms correctly. There are a few tips you can follow to become a master of online dating.


Creating an attractive profile

Your profile represents you. It needs to be the perfect in between of something professional and fun. All the while, it should represent your personality. One very common mistake people make on their online dating profile is to use slangs and wrong grammar. Overdoing the abbreviations or funky spellings can make you look too messy. Similarly, you don’t want to go too bookish and intellectual. Keep it moderate.


Now, this is your profile and your chance to introduce yourself. But, that doesn’t mean you should start tooting your horn. List a few qualities without sounding narcissistic. No one wants to date an overconfident person. Also, don’t go into too much detail. Tell the people that you love skiing but don’t start listing all the achievements or how you got into the sport. Keep this information for later conversations.

One important aspect of your profile is to mention what kind of people you’re into. List a few personality traits that you’ll be interested in. Don’t be too overly specific. You’re looking for a person to date, not a product to shop.

Profile picture

A picture speaks a thousand words. Your profile picture is ultimately the first impression you’ll leave. This is how you’ll be remembered for a long time in your relationship with someone you met online. Don’t focus on how attractive you look in a picture. Instead, it should be a picture that speaks of you. Nothing over the top will impress people. Steer clear of filters. Choose a rather recent photograph. Most importantly, don’t upload a profile picture in which you look very different than you actually are.

Don’t be an introvert

Creating an online presence isn’t enough. You actually have to make an effort to reach out to people. Some people just sit around and wait for others to approach. This won’t get you anywhere. You should take a step forward to connect with people that you are attracted to. Don’t let your shyness or gender roles get in the way.

Less is more

Too many options won’t let you succeed. Instead, it’ll confuse you and you might not even end up liking a single person from your long list. Narrow your search to increase your chances of success. Only connect with people who actually have something in common with you. This way you can spend more time finding out about people who are possibly good options for you. If you pursue too many people at once, it will become a chore and you won’t be left with enough patience or time to deal with anyone.

Be realistic

Don’t rush things. Responses won’t be instant. Just keep realistic expectations so that you’re not disappointed at the end of the day. Get to know the other person before you start discussing your future together. Start with one date. Don’t jump to milestones or you’ll ruin all your effort.

Don’t lose your true self

Online dating is very convenient but the biggest issue is that people are connecting from behind the screens. This obstacle naturally forces humans to portray themselves as something they’re not. Don’t let this toxic trait get to you. Always stay true to yourself so that whoever you are interested in can like you for your real self.

These advices will help you a lot in your online dating world!



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