Professional Cleaning For Your Carpets

Carpets are a popular choice for flooring in millions of homes. This is because they are known for giving off comfortable vibes to the dwellers along with an elegant look to their home. However, with every ease comes a discomfort that needs to be addressed and in case of carpets, it’s maintenance.


Carpets basically act as a home for various bacteria, mites and fleas, since these loathsome creatures thrive in the warmth provided by the fibres of the carpet. Where these tiny beings might not even be visible to the eye, they leave off waste such as faeces and dead skin which accumulates over a period of time. This coupled with dirt, your fallen hair as well as your pets, mold and grime can all give your carpet a really bad outlook. They also give off a bad smell, completely ruining the otherwise comfortable ambiance of your home. Moreover, the contaminants in your carpet, if not removed regularly, can cause health problems such as sinus and asthma.


In order to stay safe from the above mentioned issues, you need to get your carpet cleaned at regular intervals, and that too using professional help. Professional carpet cleaners have special equipments which are better equipped to clean and sanitize your carpets. With so many companies offering their services, make sure you choose the ones which suit your budget so that you don’t end up over paying.

Carpet Cleaning Prices:

There are two major ways professional carpet cleaners charge their customers:

Rate per room:

Some carpet cleaning companies have per room service charges, which mean they will charge a specific amount in order to clean a single room. However some rooms are larger than others, which require longer time and more effort. To cater to this, companies might put a cap on room sizes, which means the room which exceeds the maximum square footage, would be treated as a second room. This can significantly increase the amount you will end up paying, so do some research on the company and its billing terms before you choose them for service. Angie’s List reports that a carpet cleaning company would cost an average of $51 per room.

Rate per Square Footage:

Another way is to charge on the basis of square footage of the carpet to clean. This normally involves the cleaner visiting your place prior to cleaning, in order to take measurements and make a cost estimate accordingly. You would pay lesser if the area to be cleaned is larger. This is because smaller areas while cost lower to the user according to square footage, would however, be unable to cover the company’s travel and material expenses, which is why company will charge extra, increasing the overall cost.

You should however consider the overall cleaning price by accounting for the following factors:

Steam Cleaning:

Steam cleaning, according to Home Advisor, costs $100 per 1000 square feet as compared to normal cleaning which costs $200 for the same area. This method makes use of a cleaning solution mixed with hot water poured at high pressure on the carpet and then sucking the moisture by a machine.

Dry Cleaning:

A useful technique to save water wastage, this method makes use of a rotator machine along with chemicals and small amount of water to clean your carpet. Being faster than a steam cleaner, it is more common and will cost you around $323 to $600 for 2200 sq according to House Advisor.

DIY cleaning:

Probably the cheapest method on board, one that would cost you around $35 to $50 according to House Advisor, is renting a carpet cleaner and performing the job yourself.

Additionally, a carpeted staircase or heavier furniture needing to be moved would cost you higher, so it is advisable to get an estimated cost before you start the cleaning procedure.