Rats, The Creature of the Gutter.

         Animals are God’s gift to us! As pets they fill our homes, make for good companions and even understand our feelings. Sometimes even help cheer us up. Even the videos on social media make us want to get a cute puppy or a kitten sometimes even lion cubs. So cute! However, there are certain animals that are not pets, they are pests like RATS! Nobody wants them as pets. They reproduce really fast, cannot be vaccinated and are guilty of spreading so many diseases. That is not even the worst part! The worst part is, these creatures could have been living in your home since you moved in, or even before that without you knowing. They don’t even pay rent. 


Having said all the scary things, it is time to take control and action against these vermin. You need to take action before they cause a major problem like making you or your family sick or eating away your favorite cabinet that has been in the family for generations.


How to know?

         Since rats are very quiet, they cannot be detected right away. Nonetheless like every culprit they do leave little clues and signs of their presence. If you were Sherlock Holmes you would have known straight away. Since you’re not, here are a few things that can tell you that rats have invaded your place and you can devise an action plan.

Signs of rat invasion:

         Your home is your castle. You are the king or queen of your castle therefore it is your duty to protect it. Following are the three clues that will tell you that rats exist in your home.

1. Rat Droppings:

         As the scurry around your home, these little pests leave droppings that are quite distinct. This is the first sign of rat presence in your place. Rat droppings are usually easy to detect, since they have no sense of a bathroom. The feces they leave behind are quarter of an inch long and round on both ends. On a serious not, rat droppings can be the cause of a severe respiratory disease called the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. So if are going to clean it, use a dust pan or gloves. Do not touch it with bare hands.

2. Rats are A-gnawing:

         Ever observed a hamster? It’s so cute how they are when they chew in that hurried way. Rats can chew their way through all kind of materials, such as wood, fabric, plastic, drywall and even other common material that is present in almost all households. That’s how powerful a rat’s bite is. The only difference between a hamster and a rat’s bite is that rats have much larger and sharper teeth. So the marks left by their gnawing are easily distinguishable, as they show the distinct shape of their teeth. The bad news is that these bite marks look like natural wear or with time damage done to the surface. You have to be a keen observer to know it was a rat’s doing.

3. Putrid smell:

         Rats are dirty and their presence can be detected with the presence of a foul putrid smells. Since these creatures urinate in their nests. The foul smell will reveal their presence or even their hiding spots. As they stay in the smell, they naturally start smelling bad. So if you notice a very bad smell moving around in your home, don’t blame that innocent ghost. Its rats.


Now that you know the signs of rat presence in your home. Know that there are ways to terminate them. Since you have provided them a warm cozy place to stay with ample of food with choices, it will be a little difficult to evacuate them. Call a pest control or animal terminator and get rid of these horrid creatures.



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