Reasons Why Recruiting Jobs Are Some of the Best Jobs Today

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Did you know that recruiting is one of the fastest growing careers on the market? As a part of every company’s human resources department, recruiters are the backbone of every company. They find the best candidates for jobs as they come available. And their job is important. They save their companies money since the average cost to hire one employee is $4,129.

If you’re looking for a career change, recruitment might be the best option. Here are a few reasons why you might like this career.

Plenty of Career Opportunities

As a recruiter, you can work with either one company or work as an independent recruiter. There are so many companies looking for a talented, insightful, and successful recruiter. And don’t forget, literally every business and company are in need of a recruiter. If you work independently, you will have even more options to explore within your career.

The best part of being a recruiter is that your job is never the same. Each day brings new challenges and new opportunities to explore. Whether you’re trying to find an architect for a local company or a new marketing director, you get to meet so many people every day.

No two days are the same in this job. One day you could be out meeting clients discussing a business deal, the next you could be at an assessment center guiding a group of people towards gaining a job.

Every day is different – one thing’s for sure, being a recruiter certainly isn’t boring!

Professional Skill Improvement

Growing in your career is important. It gives you a chance to explore more opportunities in the future and can increase your earning power. Recruitment is a job that demands that you grow and learn. Some important skills recruiters will gain include communication skills, on-the-job-learning, gain experience and insight into new careers. That’s part of the advantage of getting involved in the recruitment industry.

Recruitment Pays Well

Since the job is in high demand, there isn’t really a salary cap on your career. How much you earn will be based on your skills, track record, and experience. Typically, you will receive a base salary every year. However, you don’t have to rely solely on a salary. In fact, many recruiters earn commissions on their work. You can earn up to 20% of a new hire’s salary.

You learn lots of transferrable skills

As businesses in every industry need recruiters, the chances are that throughout your career you will be involved in recruiting for more than one sector. 

This gives you the opportunity to be constantly learning the ins and outs of other industries, which is really invaluable.

The knowledge you gain can be helpful if you ever decide to make a career move, as you’ll have picked up in-depth industry knowledge and related skills, and best of all – a huge network of valuable contacts!

You improve clients’ businesses

Any business knows they have to hire the best talent to achieve the best results. If you hire someone for your client who goes on to become a fantastic employee, then your client is going to be extremely grateful. And there’s no denying that’s a good feeling!

You change lives

The most important part of a recruiter’s job is finding the perfect candidate to fill that job. Ok so it may take a lot of phone calls, meetings, and emails until you find them, but how great does it feel when you have taken someone through the whole recruitment process then secured them their dream job?

Knowing that you’ve helped change someone’s life for the better is an amazing feeling, and the satisfaction you get from this doesn’t get much better.

You have lots of independence

Unlike many professions, recruiters have a great deal of autonomy over their day-to-day workload. Once you have your targets in place, how you reach them is entirely up to you. You have the freedom to manage your own daily tasks however you see fit. 

If you’re continually gaining more business and getting people into jobs, your independence will continue as you build trust between yourself and your managers.

You earn good cash

If you work hard to get results, you get rewarded – that’s the basics of recruitment! This means your pay can have no limits if you continue to do well.

Unlike other jobs where you can work for years without as much as a 1% pay rise, recruiters have more control of their own fate. If you can place more candidates into roles then you’re much more likely to be rewarded for the work you do, which is great motivation. If you’re looking for a career change, recruitment might just be the right fit.