Secret Airfare Helping You Save 

If you are hard pressed to find affordable airline deals do not worry, you are not alone. The budget-conscious traveler may find it difficult to obtain valuable prices for airfare but with a few hidden secrets, it is possible to cut back on the expense of your flight and your accommodation.


To save on those flight details, you need to learn more about bare airfare. The Bare Fare was developed in an effort to address the cost saving interests and requirements of many travelers. Much like the name, you will not have any extras and will simply be transported from one destination to the next.


While considered a secret, it really isn’t much of that. If you know where to look and who to speak to, your bare airfare can quickly become apparent. It is only with the appropriate research that the best decisions can be made.

With the option to purchase a bare fare deal you can save on the most expensive part of your plane ticket. Although a cost saving option, you need to ensure you are prepared to given up on the extras of your travel experience beforehand. Accepting such deals means that you will forfeit your ability to cancel your ticket in exchange for a refund; you cannot select your boarding seat, and you will not have access to Wi-Fi.

You may find a suitable flight deal as an economy package issued by the airline. If you are unsure about these savings, contact the airline. Staff may be able to assist in placing you in the direction of those bare fare deals.

Invest in the flight or club membership. Many airlines will make cost effective packages available to ensure that all its members benefit from the appropriate economical prices and valuable deals. It is important to complete research into the ways you can save and ensure an enjoyable holiday.

How to save on airfare:

Always, always, always compare flights in incognito mode.

“I make sure to use incognito mode on Google Chrome when searching for flights to keep my computer from tracking my history. Sites like Kayak, Expedia, and Priceline can raise the price of the same flight every time you search for it, and incognito mode keeps this from happening.” 

If your schedule is flexible, play around with different flight dates and times until you find the cheapest option.

“I track flights with minor date and time variations so I can figure out the absolute cheapest time to travel. If you’re flexible—say, if it doesn’t really matter when you leave or arrive—this is a really great way to find prices you can’t resist.” —Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, 40, a travel blogger who spends half the year traveling

“I like to travel mid-week, because flights are usually cheaper then. I’m also pretty flexible, so I’ll pick an earlier or later flight based on what’s less expensive.” 

Use a service like Priceline to compare flights for you.

“With Priceline, you can input your ideal price range, departure time window, preferred number of stops, and favorite airlines, and let the website do the work for you. It’ll find the cheapest available deal based on the criteria you’ve given it, and you can manipulate it further until you find the flight you want.”

Set alerts with services like Skyscanner and Next Vacay so you know ASAP when flight costs go down.

“My favorite service for flight monitoring is Next Vacay. It’s super simple to use: All you have to do is input your local airport, and Next Vacay will send you daily emails alerting you to flight deals at that airport and other airports nearby.” —Andi Eaton, 38, a travel writer who travels about once a week

“I always set alarms on Skyscanner to places where I need or want to visit in the near future. It lets me know when prices go down, so I can take advantage of great deals and save money on flights. It also lets me know when prices go up, so I can either catch them before they increase any further or put that trip on the back-burner for now.”

The best way to save money on travel is to plan the whole trip yourself. DIY means more work, but you can typically save money on things like hotels, flights, and tours if you don’t go through an agent.