Signs That Assisted Living Could Help You.

         As much as we love our parents and as much as we want them around for all eternity, there is no denying the fact that this can’t happen. Our parents have done everything for us, made us into who we are today. Whatever we do, we cannot repay them for what they have given us. Just giving us life is an amazing gift from our parents.


         Nobody wants to admit it but as we are growing up, the parents are growing old. No matter how old you get, you always want the comfort and warmth of either your mother or father. That is exactly why most of us deny that our parents can be weak or sick. Even if your parents are independent and love doing their own work, there comes a time where they might need help. This is for you to realize and make sure their needs are met. As this is a testament to you and your character.


         Sometimes if a spouse passes away, it becomes extremely difficult for elderly to live on their own. For many people managing simple daily tasks become very difficult. This could be because of old age or any other physical disability. Even if your parents live with you, you can’t always stay on top of things at work and at home. It might be time for assisted living for them especially if they become less self-reliant.

There are many signs that can tell if someone needs assisted living. Following are a few;

1. Social sign; finding solace in isolation:

         The social signs are one of the biggest clues. As a person becomes less self-reliant and have difficult performing activities, they like staying at home. They find bliss in solitude which can result in sadness, loneliness and sometimes even depression. Most senior citizen like to take part in any activity that makes them feel wanted and they keep an active social circle. However if your parents refuse to take part in any fun activity, especially one that they formerly enjoyed, it is time to check a few other habits.

2. Physical Signs:

         These signs are the most obvious ones. If you are in the process of taking a decision about whether or not assisted living is for your parents look as the physical conditions. You have to be observant because all might seem well but certain subtle changes in physical demeanor can signal important issues or even help for daily activities. These include;

  • Weight loss or gain:

Even though it is fairly common to lose appetite in old age, there might be underlying causes like dementia or even depression. If you notice any weight change, either loss or gain, assisted living can be the answer.

  • Increased Feebleness:

Physical weakness is one of the biggest and most common side effects of old age. This means elders become needier and more fragile. If this is the case that simple standing up is extreme workout, it is time to consider assisted living.

  • Weird Odor:

Sometimes elder’s give of a strange scent, which could be a substance from inside the body. Otherwise this could be a sign of bad hygiene. Which could mean something serious.

3. Signs You Can’t Miss:

         Some signs are hard to read however there are other signs that are very important and are hard to miss. If your parents or loved ones are exhibiting any of the following signs. It is high time you consider assisted living.

  • Frequent accidents:

Accidents can happen but if you find your loved ones on the floor, unable to get up without any assistance, is a red flag. Constant accidents can result in serious injuries.

  • Slow recovery:

One of the worst thing aging does is slows down the recovery process. If a senior is struggling with an illness and has slow recovery, it gets difficult to ensure that they are healthy.

  • Basic activities are a struggle:

Basic living activities for the elderly can be very time consuming and also a challenge. Have your parent’s mobility become limited or range of motion has worsened? Are they having difficulty managing tasks like feeding, bathing, dressing or toileting? If yes you might want to consider assisted living.

There is no shame in assisted living. This is a major decision that needs to be taken as soon as you see the signs.



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