Stimulating Healthy Hair Growth

Every girl wants to be able to flaunt long, silky hair, just the way women in the various shampoo commercials do. However, the problem is, not every woman naturally has hair the length of which reaches her waist. There are multiple reasons for that, the most common being a fluctuation in the growth rate of hair caused due to insufficient nutrition reaching the hair follicles.


This means, achieving the hair of your dreams is not an impossible task, therefore it’s time for you to stop questioning what went wrong and start incorporating these easy ideas into your routine to achieve the kind of hair you desire.

  • Use clarifying shampoos and conditioners:

Normal shampoos and conditioners leave behind residue, the build-up of which can eventually cause our hair to become limp and lifeless, subsequently decreasing their growth. So if you thought you were actually cleaning your hair after using a normal shampoo and conditioner, you were wrong! 

Clarifying shampoos, on the other hand don’t leave behind residues, since they contain a larger quantity of surfactants causing your hair to be completely clean after a wash. Using a clarifying shampoo becomes a necessity especially if you are in a habit of regularly styling your hair using artificial means such as dying, straightening, using hair masks etc.

  • Use peppermint oil on scalp:

Improper blood supply to scalp can impede your hair growth due to a decreased supply of nutrients needed by the hair follicles to grow. However, massaging your scalp regularly ensures blood flow to it, enabling the hair to grow. If this massage is done using peppermint oil, it is even more advantageous since the peppermint in the oil causes blood vessels to dilate, which allows more blood to reach your scalp and thus promotes the healthy growth of hair. You can even combine it with coconut oil to reap more benefits. This practice if done on a regular basis, can give immediate results.

  • Increase use of Vitamin-B:

It’s important for your blood to be able to transport nutrients to your hair follicles; however, what’s even more important is the intake of these nutrients in the first place. If your body lacks basic nutrients then even an increase in the blood flow won’t be able to do much benefit.

B Vitamins generally play an important role in developing the hair structure, by promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, where they are used by the follicles to facilitate hair growth. They are naturally found in meals such as eggs, nuts, potatoes and avocados. An increased intake of food rich in Vitamin B will help you in increasing the length as well as the strength of your hair. Additionally you can take a B-complex Vitamin supplement.

  • Brush hair regularly

If you thought brushing your hair regularly in order to achieve stronger and longer hair is a myth, think again! When you brush your hair, you are basically massaging the scalp; this in turn transports maximum blood and nutrients flow to the follicles thus favouring hair growth. The same method however, can turn into a nightmare if not practiced in the right manner. Use of a brush with soft-bristles is essential, for the harder ones damage the follicles and cause more problems than advantages.

There are times when hair growth is pretty rapid, causing you to proudly put them on a display, at other times however; it is relatively static, causing distress followed by attempts to hide your hair. Aforementioned remedies can help stimulate the growth rate of your hair so that you are never ashamed to show them off!



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