SUV Prices Are Dropping

In today’s day and age, SUV’s are one of the most loved vehicles that many people prefer to buy. This is due to many reasons. SUV’s provide with a lot of space and at the same time are very compact and require a lesser parking space compared to a sedan or a minivan and today in a highly populated world and traffic on its peak, convenience is all we are looking for. Along with this, there are now so many varieties available as the market is very diverse. Each has its own distinct features and many come as hybrid cars as well. If you are a green person, then that is a dream come true for you as it will require much less fuel compared to normal cars.


The good news for all SUV lovers out there is that we are expecting a dramatic drop in prices in the coming months of January and February. Yes! The main reason behind this is that by the end of the year, all car manufacturers start to become paranoid and anxious about their sales and whether or not they will hit their yearly targets. Due to this reason and the large profits, they have already earned, the lower their prices to the extent that they become cheaper compared to their competitors. This way they will be able to hit their sales targets.


One of the examples is Ford who is testing a new incentive package to avoid the risk of low sales.

The fall in sales

We earlier discussed how SUV’s are widely loved but near 2008 that changed. There were several reasons behind that. The gas prices were sky high and kept on rising. This made people switch from their SUV’s, too much more energy efficient cars. This was so that they could save themselves from the unbelievable rise in gas prices. After this, because the sales were minimized, the SUV prices started rising dramatically because the no more people were buying them. This drove them even further away as now they were inefficient and also expensive.

After working on the designs, engines and playing around with technology. SUV models have now become very diverse for example there are hybrid SUV cars available such as the Honda Vezel. It is a hybrid and can even change to sports mode if you want to enjoy good speed. Due to this reason, the sale of SUV cars started rising again and resulted in normalizing the prices once again even giving car companies an edge to actually lower the prices further.

With time gas prices started declining from the highest price they hit, due to which people started investing in SUV’s again and also in overall cars.

The best deals for you

Most of the times the car companies are not so open about their incentives and don’t spread it around very strongly by marketing tactics. But if you find the right dealership and do your own research, you might find some amazing deals for yourselves. Companies like Chevy, Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai are all widely known and loved companies. All of these many times have so many hidden incentives and unbelievable deals to offer to you. If you look close enough, you sure will find the best deal out there. For example, Toyota is offering cash back on its newest model the Rav4. Such deals attract people extremely quickly due to which you need to make your bet sooner.

Due to new technology and designs and also the great incentives offered by the car companies, SUV cars are now working their way back up to the top which is number 1! The extremely important thing to consider while buying a vehicle is that is it feasible for you or this will not be ideal. If it is the former then start your search today and start finding the best deals out there you can take advantage of.



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