The Best SUV Deals Out There This Holiday Season

SUVs have been considered just outside the price range for most average consumers for some time. Manufacturers have struggled to bring in new customers’ attention to their selections after SUVs quickly gained a reputation for bearing a high price tag at the outset, but then also eating through the gas budget in a flash. Throughout SUVs’ history, consumers have been trading in their SUVs for more affordable and efficient sedans and other vehicles just to save some cash.


But manufacturers have taken steps to improve the affordability of their SUVs, from adapting to the demands of the market to improving the fuel economy of their biggest names. And as the holiday season approaches, it may be a better time than ever to expand your vehicle shopping venture to include SUVs.


It’s almost time for the holidays, and automakers are ready to help you out with an early present: A great car deal. Not only are there plenty of 2018 models on dealer lots, but car manufacturers are striving to hit their year-end sales goals by offering generous buying incentives.

Continuing a trend we’ve seen throughout the year, as interest rates climb, there are fewer zero percent offers available. Those you can find are generally available on slower-selling vehicles and those with redesigns right around the corner.

As the calendar year comes to a close, dealerships are eager to meet end-of-year sales goals and get the last remaining 2018 models off their lots. This translates into low-cost APR financing deals and large cash back offers that customers can take advantage of this month.

Keep in mind that not all of these deals apply everywhere, so be sure to check with your local dealership or a manufacturer’s online representative to make sure the deal you want is available in your area.

Smart consumers know dealers offer their best SUV deals right now. Fall is the time to buy or lease a new vehicle. Dealers need to make room on their lots for the arrival of the 2018 models. Many manufacturers are currently offering generous cash back rebates, incentives, and bonus deals to consumers on their 2017 models. Believe it or not, model year-end deals are out there on many of the most popular SUVs.

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Our free online New Car Buying service links you to dealers willing to match or beat a discounted Target Price, which is set by our team of mystery shoppers. And no sector is more competitive than that for 4x4s and SUVs – something that’s good news for bargain hunters.

These models appeal to families because they’re spacious and make it easy to get child seats, buggies and other family paraphernalia in and out. Plus, your view of the road is generally better, because you can see over the top of regular family saloons and hatchbacks.


Perhaps the best way that manufacturers identified to compromise on cost and provide a gas-saving option was the advent of crossovers. Able to handle the spatial demands of an SUV while providing the safety, affordability and comfort of a sedan, crossovers have filled a gap in the market for those who need both.

Keep an eye out for significant savings on crossover SUVs this holiday season to save thousands on your next auto purchase.

Manufacturers participating this year

Even for full-size SUVs, many vehicle manufacturers have announced major deals on their SUV models this holiday season.

Jeep has announced a discount on its 2018 Grand Cherokee model that could save you up to four thousand bucks on your purchase. Ford’s 2018 Edge model qualifies for an at-cost discount in addition to a huge financing discount. And keep an eye out on the 2018 Cadillac Escalade for potential savings this year, too.

‘Tis the season to get saving, and auto manufacturers are in on the deals. Check out your favorite manufacturers’ site or local dealership to find out what you could save on your next SUV purchase this year.