The Evolution of GPS: Getting the Most Out of It

When GPS was first designed for military use, people could scarcely have imagined the extraordinary uses it could have in our lives.


The Global Positioning System (GPS), is a system which utilizes satellite and radio technologies for navigation, it is owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Air Force. The GPS is a navigation system that spans worldwide, and provides real time location information to anyone with a device capable of GPS technology. This service can be utilized anywhere on the planet where the device has a clear line of connection with at least four or more GPS satellites. Initially it was only for military uses but now civilians can utilize it too.


Now it has become so ingrained in our lives that imagining our lives without it seems difficult. Excluding the widespread navigation function, there are some other unconventional uses of the GPS system that you can use in your daily life, to increase ease of lifestyle.

Tracking Your Pets

 Do you have pets that seem to get lost every so often? That leaves you worried and concerned about their wellbeing, especially in this day and age. The proverb “Curiosity killed the cat” echoes in your mind as you frantically try to locate your pet in every nook and cranny. Well GPS systems can take care of your worries, with special chips implanted on your pets, or GPS supported collars can tell you where your pet is at all times on special smartphone apps.

Knowing Where your Children Are

When you become a parent your priorities shift towards your children, and it’s only natural to worry about them. Special GPS supported bands or chips that are on your children can let you know where they are. This can be helpful for those parents who work long hours and cannot pick and drop their children themselves.

Get the Best Mileage for Your Trip

 Sometimes you’re going on a trip and the cash you have to spend for gas can be a real burden. This can be avoided by using GPS devices that help you map out the best route and help you save a ton of gas. And for those especially forgetful people, it’s a great alternate to remembering street names and routes, you can just look it up where to go.

Asset Tracking

If you are an owner of a shop or are a retail manager, you’ll know the extreme difficulty in managing your assets and goods properly. As your business grows the harder it becomes to track the stuff. GPS tracking helps you know where your goods are at all times. Even if some sneaky thief has swiped some stuff off the shelf, you’ll know where to find him.

Tracking and Mapping Your Runs

Having a healthy lifestyle is necessary for all of us, and the best way to do this is to go on runs and jogs. However, using the same beaten path in the community park can get boring. With a GPS tracking software you can map a course to run on, and know the total distance that you have covered. All the while making your lifestyle fun, healthy and interesting.

GPS Locking Security

GPS locking is a type of security feature many companies are offering especially in cars. If you routinely drive in a specific area, the company will keep a track of that. However, if by any chance your car is stolen and leaves the designated area that you have informed the security company, then the company will shut the car down and prevent the theft of the car.



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