The Importance of Fixing A Cracked Phone Screen

         Most of the people own smartphones. The more elegant the phone is the more fragile the model. Since most expensive cell phone, which you usually use to boost around for, have extremely fragile screens. All the major smart phone companies now make smart phones that consist entirely of the screen. The screen the covers the entire front of a phone is very delicate and very breakable. Just one drop can the phone screen can end up looking like a spider web of cracked glass. Even if not the entire screen, there may appear one or two cracks by just putting it wrongly on the table or in a purse.


Not only are the cracked screen is not pretty to look at they can cause problem while reading from the screen as well. Besides that it has a lot of side effects that can make the cracked screen somewhat dangerous. In an ideal world if you cracked your phone screen you could just get a brand new cell phone. Then again in an ideal world the phone screen won’t crack. Since you can’t go running to buy a new cell phone every time your phone cracks you should definitely get it fixed.


Following are a few the reasons that explain why you should not keep your phone screen cracked.

1. Avoid Screen from Shattering Completely:

         Let me explain this according to scientific facts, glass is made up of a unique molecular structure. Due to this reason, the most durable gorilla glass, which is known to be “shatter resistant” can break if a single chip happens. So if a single crack occurs it is inevitable for the crack to spread and ultimately look like a full spider web on your cell phone. The bad news is that the cracked glass displays cannot be repaired in any way. Even by using stop- gap fixers. The good news, however, is that the broken screen can be replaced *wohoo*.

 So my peeps, when a crack appears on your beloved’s screen, it is in your best interest to replace the screen as quickly as possible. Why? Because a shattered screen is much more difficult to swap than a screen that has just suffered a crack. For apple owners if you can’t spend around 120 dollars on replacement of a slightly cracked screen. Try the iCracked repair kit for just 50 dollars.

2. Damaged Screen a Health Menace:

         Just think of it this way, you have broken glass in your hands. So yeah, a cracked screen can harm you in more than just a single way. It can slash your finger even if you are just fiddling with it. Not just that but a cracked screen can put a lot of restrain on your eyes when you will try to read the text of even look at the smilyes and emojis beneath the hairline fractures.

While it might seem okay-ish to keep using the cracked screen since ‘it can do much damage’ is crossing your mind. Well, if you cut your hand badly on a shattered screen, the cost of getting that repaired is much more than that of a cracked screen. Similarly, the amount of eye damage a lousy screen can cause you to have your eyesight tested. Your health is invaluable and comes first, in all circumstances.

3. No Resale Value:

         Do I have your attention now? Well of course I do. Yes! It is true that a broken screen has very little resale value. It has become a new trend to upgrade your smart phone every two to three years. As one smartphone costs around a hundred of dollars, the smart phone that you currently own is an investment. All you have to do is sell the current one, add some amount and voila! You have a new phone.  A shattered or even cracked screen can deprive you of this right. So just replace the screen as soon as you notice one or two cracks on your screen.

So having said all that, no matter how careful you are with your phone, a crack or two may appear. Just keep the above points in mind and replace the screen as soon as you can and you will be good to go!



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