The Newest Luxury SUVs Everyone Wants in 2018

To own a luxurious car, which would make head turns and mouths gape open, is a dream possessed by all. With all the technological advancements making their way in the automobile industry, nobody wants to go out with an outdated vehicle, devoid of the best of the capabilities and performances. With the latest luxurious SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) coming out, ditching your obsolete car has become even more important.


The time when SUVs were considered to be big, rugged machines which were technically made to endure a tough life, are long gone. Incorporating properties such as

  • Larger seating capacities
  • A safer driving experience
  • Higher driving position
  • An extraordinary performance in the icy winters
  • Provision of the latest technology gadgets,

Has made SUVs a popular choice amongst families. This is why 2018 is expected to be the largest selling year for luxury SUVs. In case you were thinking of upgrading your old car for a luxury one, you definitely need to take a look at these SUVs which have hit the markets in 2018.

  • Lexus RX:

The latest update of the Lexus brand called the Lexus RX, which has been previously famous for its luxurious properties, included more seating space including a power folding third-row seating along with a larger area dedicated for the storage of cargo. The access to the third seat has been made even easier using the tilt and slide seat feature.

Talking about the incorporation of the latest gadgets, a touch free power rear door has been added to the SUV, so that now you can lock the door simply by placing hand or elbow near the sensors.

Moreover, Lexus RX incorporates advanced safety equipment including a pre collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with a lane keep assist, all speed dynamic radar cruise control and intelligent high-beam headlamps.

  • BMW X3 xDrive30i:

BMW X3 xDrive30i is the first car ever to receive a full five star rating from CNBC following its registration in the year 2018. Probably the best thing about this SUV is the fact that there is no single good thing about it. In fact it is composed of multiple out of the box features.

This compact SUV offers a camera with a 360 degree view around the car which makes parking and steering easier for you. It has an infotainment system, the likes of which are unparalleled elsewhere, incorporating voice commands, steering controls as well as rotary control.

As an additional advantage, you can enjoy heated seats, heads up display and a moon roof.

  • Jaguar E Pace:

The Jaguar E Pace follows in the footsteps of the F Pace model, which happens to be Jaguar’s first SUV. The E Pace model is generally more compact than the F Pace one, and incorporates a variety of features which makes it stand out amongst its peers.

Automated control is starting to become more of a necessity than luxury in car design. An adaptive cruise control along with lane keeping assistance is therefore the most notable features of the SUV.

Jaguar E Pace managed to secure an excellent five star ANCAP rating owing to its autonomous emergency braking system, which has taken safety to a whole new level.

  • Lincoln Navigator:

A full sized SUV, which is not at all compact, presents a much more contemporary appearance featuring an aluminum body which replaces the steel one. This 8 seated SUV offers plenty of room to carry multiple passengers and is therefore most preferred by larger families.

These might be our top picks but the list definitely doesn’t end here. The automobile industry is flourishing thanks to the rapid technological advancements, and thereby it has sought to bring to you the best of the vehicles. Before picking the one car to buy, do a thorough research and make a cost analysis to see which one suits you best.



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