The Pros and Cons of Being a Real Estate Agent

         With the advancement with almost everything with the passing years. The architecture and the home location have become somewhat of trend. Having the best home is what everyone wants for themselves and their growing family. The housing market is flourishing and prospering like a pretty flower. There are houses of all types of shapes and sizes and at the best locations according to the demand of the purchaser.


         Home prices have been sky-rocketing. This means that the real estate agents are gathering a lot of money and even earning large commissions. Since this market is something that would not be slowing down anytime soon there is a real advantage to real estate agents. The best time to consider a career in real estate agent is when the housing market is booming.


Why You Should Be A Real Estate Agent:

         Who doesn’t love it when the cash is flowing in? Once you prove you are a good real estate agent the money will follow you. Listed below are the best things that explain why you should become a real estate agent.

1. College Degree Not Required:

         If you were going to say that you don’t have a degree in real estate. Let me stop you right there. Because you don’t need a college degree to become a real estate agent. You don’t need a degree to earn your real estate license. However there are a few states that do require you to have a high school diploma. In most states all you need is to meet the age requirement and pass the licensing exam.

         What could be more awesome than not having to spend 5-6 years for a college degree and thousands of dollars to start earning? Not just a small salary but a handsome amount.

2. You Are Your Own Boss:

         Most people will agree that they have to work under some pretty annoying people. This could be the pressure of the work that makes them this way but it doesn’t feel good to have to answer your every move to someone. That’s why you moved out of your parent’s house. So you could be your own boss.

         This is one of the most appealing thing about being a professional real estate agent that you have the freedom to work any way you like. You are not answerable to a boss and you will be a commissioned independent contractor. You will not be sitting at a dead end job from 9 to 5. You will have flexible hours and can be there for your kids, be it softball practice, dance recitals, plays they are taking part in and even heartbreaks. This means you can have a good long family vacation, with the well earned money and the free time at hand.

3. Combine Business With Pleasure:

         If you are an extrovert who likes to mingle with people a lot, being a real estate agent is the job for you. In this business you get to meet new people all the time. Getting to know them so you can pick a house that suits their requirement is part of the job description. Sometimes real estate agents meet people they become life-long friends with. There are plenty of opportunities to work and socialize with other realtors as well.

4. Making Money Fast:

         The amount of houses you sell is equivalent to the amount of money you earn. Fortunately, the housing market is booming in today’s time and so the real estate agents are raking in some pretty decent amounts on every sale they make. Although it is true that realtors work on commission, there are other ways realtors make money such as;

  • Broker-agent splitting commission
  • Hundred percent commission
  • Referral fees between brokerages

Having said all that, keep in mind that each state has a certain different set of rules for realtors. Choose an online program and get acquainted with real estate then just start earning!



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