The Top Places to Travel to in 2018

The holidays are fast approaching making your travel arrangements at the earliest stage can help secure your vacation and an enjoyable experience. We look at the top destinations in the world to help you best plan your next holiday.



One of the most popular destinations in 2018 and previous years, Hawaii is a dream exotic destination. Honolulu offers everything from incredible coastline to the opportunity to swim with dolphins and get up close with coastal wildlife. The accommodation is valuable and offers incredible sights and spaciousness.



Bolivia is widely recognized for its Mount Machu Picchu that attracts thousands of tour goers every year. It has also become among the most commonly visited holiday destinations. From its cost effective accommodation and sightseeing to the uniqueness of its mountains and trails, take a trip to Bolivia for an international experience like no other.


When in Greece! Plan your vacation to Malta in 2018 recognized as one of the most popular travel destinations of the year. Malta is an island in the Mediterranean that offers many opportunities for interested travelers. The region hosts many events including celebratory festivals that you can participate in and explore the incredible coastline.

 New Orleans

Despite being hit by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has managed to restore its exciting carnival atmosphere and provide incredible holiday solutions for many. The beauty of the people and the festive surrounds make for the most spectacular experiences of the city.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The allure of the Danish capital is no secret, as travel to the city has increased by more than 80% over the past decade, according to Travel + Leisure. But that doesn’t mean Copenhagen has already been discovered, as a host of new dining and drink options have opened in recent months, the magazine reports. Apollo Bar & Kantine looks particularly enticing as a showcase of the “New Nordic” food, beverage and design movement.


This remote island nation off the east coast of Africa hasn’t been a traditional destination for U.S. travelers because of its isolation, but a number of airlines began service to Mauritius at the tail end of 2017, according to Travel and Leisure. That means more visitors can start enjoying the country’s luscious Indian Ocean beaches along with the hospitality and seafood cuisine of Mauritius’ hotels and resorts.

Marrakesh, Morocco

The cultural hub in the heart of the North African country is in the midst of an artistic renaissance, according to Travel and Leisure. The opening of the YSL Museum (dedicated entirely to the work of legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent) and the upcoming launch of a high-profile African art fair have added to the city’s prominent gallery spaces, doubling down on the Marrakesh’s historic reputation as a haven for artists and writers.

The Bahamas

The Caribbean paradise has even more to offer thanks a number of new resort offerings, Travel + Leisure reports. A multibillion-dollar hotel and casino on Nassau’s Cable Beach will be fully operational by this spring, according to the magazine. But you don’t need to remain in the capital to experience luxury. Head over to the neighbouring Paradise Island to stay at the famed Ocean Club resort, which is now under the management of Four Seasons.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has rejuvenated itself since the 2005 devastation of Hurricane Katrina with investment in the arts, dining and hospitality. The Central Business District — which for years was solely just that — now boasts four new hotels, each with equipped with a rooftop bar. Tourists and residents alike can stumble into citywide art shows, according to Travel and Leisure, and Mardi Gras remains as big an event as ever. But perhaps most tempting is New Orleans eclectic mix of creole and cajun-fusion dining options.


Tourism took a hit after Egypt’s 2011 political revolution, as the amount of visitors to storied landmarks like the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza declined. But, Travel + Leisure notes, there is entirely new landmark that should draw plenty of visitors in 2018. The Grand Egyptian Museum will partially open in the upcoming year and eventually showcase more than 100,000 ancient artifacts from Egypt’s legendary pharaohs. The building itself looks worth visiting on its own, encapsulating almost 650,000 square feet and a light-soaked atrium.

When planning your next vacation, consider the most popular destinations in the world for 2018. This will ensure you do not miss out on incredible travel experiences. From the unique city of New Orleans to the surf and tropical conditions of Hawaii, there is something for everyone to enjoy.