Top Four Electrical Tooth Brushes

Using an electrical toothbrush to brush your teeth might look unnecessary to you, if you think the ability to be able to replicate your manual effort electrically is a mundane thing to do. However, electric toothbrushes have even better uses, other than providing the force for your brushing action!


Electrical toothbrushes are equipped with an oscillating and rotating movement, which helps the bristles of brush to reach the otherwise unreachable spaces and cavities within your jaw. This in turn helps to remove plaque more efficiently. Other than that, people often find them easier to use because they are less painful than a manual tooth brush and you only need to guide them along your teeth surfaces, without applying any force. To add to that, some electrical toothbrushes even have Hi-tech features straight out of Sci-fi movies!


Since the demand for electrical brushes have surged exponentially, the companies providing them have also increased in number. It therefore becomes customary to identify the best ones for you to pick from.

  • Oral B Genius 8000

As the name suggests, this toothbrush which is designed to provide you a thorough cleansing of your mouth, incorporates quite literally, a genius technology. You can now keep updated about your oral health routine by simply connecting the toothbrush with the Oral-B smart phone app using Bluetooth technology. This smart app would not only keep a track on your brushing routine, but also offer you feedback and coaching.

That’s not all; the brush even includes a pressure alerts system which would notify you if it detects signs of over brushing. This it does through the 360 SmartRing which has LED lights with 12 colors, giving you a visual feedback on pressure detection.

Additionally, the brush features a round head, which by surrounding each tooth and creating a pulsating, oscillating and rotating movement, can help remove up to 100% more plaque as compared to a regular manual toothbrush!

  • Philips Sonicare Essence +

Being one of the cheapest of electrical toothbrushes, it surprisingly is quite efficient in performance. Its patented sonic technology comprising of one brush head combined with a single mode can help remove up to three times more plaque than a normal toothbrush, while simultaneously helping to whiten your teeth.

It’s the safest option to use on your braces and dental restorations, with an angled head neck which helps reach the otherwise inaccessible areas. It is also the most user friendly option for the built in system gradually increases in power over a period of 14 days helping the user’s gums to get used to mechanical action.

Moreover, a softer and better grip provides the user with a better hand control, with a program that is easy to understand and use.

  • Quip:

Looking to cut down on the extra weight of your toothbrush’s bulk and chargers? Quip is probably the ideal solution for you. Designed with a slim body and travel ready holder, which can attach to bathroom surfaces easily makes the brush perfectly portable.

Quip contains bristles with vibration pulses which provide the user with a wholesome two minute cleaning experience. The best part is, you can get the re-fill heads for a small extra price.

  • Burst Sonic Toothbrush:

These tooth brushes coming in black and white colors, offer subscription service which provide you with replacement brush heads with a small extra payment. Their unique charcoal bristles other than being eye catching also help to absorb impurities, giving whiter teeth.

While the smart technology and high tech solutions might intimidate you, once you get out of this initial reaction, you will end up loving the device for all the features it offers you. The right kind of research coupled with a hefty amount of money can provide you with an ideal electrical toothbrush.