Treating Psoriasis

Skin diseases are one of the hardest to cope with. They shatter your self confidence, make you feel continuously irritated, and are a complete chore to take care of. Psoriasis is one such annoying skin disease that leaves the affected people in a very tough condition. The skin of the sufferers gets sensitive and red. There are silver patches and red spots all over the affected area. Fortunately, recently some treatments have been introduced that cure psoriasis. Laser treatment is one of the most common but confusing ones. If you have some queries too, keep reading to find answers.


The latest technology

Psoriasis has been treated with photo therapies for many years now. Different ailments are used to increase the effect of the ultraviolet rays on the affected area. The latest photo therapy that has been discovered is the XTRAC laser therapy. Like previous techniques, this method also used ultraviolet light. However, the device used here is small and handy. It can be used inside a dermatologist’s office easily. The small size makes it convenient as well as more precise. Small sections of the skin are treated at one time. This increases the effectiveness of the procedure. XTRAC treatment is said to be so effective that even one sessions reaps noticeable results.


Better treatment

Despite being small, the device releases strong ultraviolet radiations in rapid but small intervals. The precision of the device prevents the skin around the affected area from getting damaged. It is also a customizable treatment. If the patient is facing side effects, adjustments can be made to prevent the recurrence. The total length of the treatment procedure depends on the type of skin and level of psoriasis. Usually, fairer skins require lesser sessions. Generally, 5 to 6 sessions are enough to keep the disease from spreading further. However, your dermatologist will be the one to tell you the exact number depending on your situation. XTRAC laser treatment is suitable for all 5 types of psoriasis.

How it feels

The treatment is usually just a few minutes long. It isn’t uncomfortable at all. The patients usually just feel warmth on areas under treatment. Other than that, the patient would feel the device tapping against the skin. This may be slightly uncomfortable for some people but it isn’t anything unbearable. To prevent the eyes from getting affected by the strong ultraviolet rays, the patients are advised to wear protective goggles.


If you don’t want to consider XTRAC, there are some other options you can consider. Firstly, there are pulsed dye lasers. This methods targets blood vessels of the affected skin. Another treatment is biologics. You have to take medication including proteins and antibodies. These medicines kill the T cells in the blood. T cells are the issue that cause psoriasis. Although biologics treat the right issue, it is a slow process. It also results in side effects such as depression, nausea, weight loss, increased risk of cancer, etc.

Why is XTRAC the best option

XTRAC is one of the most precise treatments. It is effective and rather quick as well. This method has the least possible side effects while being the most efficient method. It is free of pain and can be used on any part of the skin. No drugs are involved and there is minimal hassle.

Sadly, psoriasis is a chronic disease which can never be eliminated 100% from the body. However, XTRAC is the latest advancement that can treat the disease in the best way possible till date. If you suffer from this skin disease, make sure to get a consultation from your local dermatologist.



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