What to Consider When You Choose Your Dodge Ram Model

There’s a reason that the Dodge Ram continues to be a best-selling truck each and every year. It’s one of the most popular options for truck enthusiasts in the country, and the 2018 releases promise to hold up to the high standards that Americans have come to expect of Dodge.


Every year Dodge releases models with new and improved features and updates, keeping the market coming back for more. But each model has its own strengths and features, offering a variety and versatility to truck lovers that enables them to find just the right model for their lifestyle.


The Chrysler Corporation built its first Dodge truck in 1918 and ever since has stood as a shining example of what the ideal pickup truck should be. While the Ram name only recently became the sole identity of these well-built, versatile trucks, the “Ram tough” image has been there since day one. From the first Dodge trucks that were built on passenger car frames to today’s Ram trucks with best in class towing and fuel-efficiency, there is no doubt that the Ram truck has raised the bar and will continue to challenge all other trucks to try to outperform them. The Ram 1500 itself is the only truck ever built to earn the Motor Trend Truck of the Year Award for two consecutive years, with the 2014 model being the latest recipient. Ram is also the only full-size truck available with the unique bed-located RamBox cargo management system and a manual transmission option available in its heavy-duty trucks. Ram trucks epitomize the meaning of hard work, durability and functionality.

Every Ram model from the regular 1500 to the heavy duty 2500 and 3500 are available in a variety of combinations of bed length, cab size and drivetrains. This allows them to be customized to fit nearly any use that requires the functionality of a regular to heavy-duty pickup. From hauling mulch or towing a jet ski to pulling livestock or heavy equipment trailers, there is a variation of the Ram truck that is perfect for these jobs or any in between. Coleman Motors wants to be your first choice for all of your Ram truck needs

Ram trucks have something unique about them – a spring-coil rear suspension. It may not sound like much, but this suspension system gives you a smooth and easy ride, whether your truck is loaded down with cargo or your bed is completely empty. In 2017, Ram did away with the 1500’s optional six-speed automatic transmission. What they left as the sole transmission option was a powerful eight-speed automatic. Drivers would need to go up trim levels and spend more money to get that power on competing trucks this size. Also, the Ram 1500 has several available engines – 3.6-liter gasoline V6, 5.7-liter V8, or a diesel V6. Ram 1500 trucks are extremely customizable and the carmaker gives you so many options for how you want your truck it may make your head spin. There are three cab styles – the regular cab (two doors), the Quad Cab (four doors with a 3/4 size backseat), and the Crew Cab (four doors, but bigger backseat). Plus, there are multiple bed length choices, several engine options, and ten trim levels.

Here are a few things that may inform how you decide on which version is right for you.

The Ram 3500 holds up to the demands of a heavy workload

When Dodge said the 3500 model could handle an impressive workload and enormous towing capacity, they were not exaggerating. The 3500 is the working people’s best friend, and it stands out among the group of Ram models available for that purpose.

It’s often been called the truck that works the hardest, but still offers a high degree of customization for technology and luxury options.

The 1500 continues to be a fan favorite among truck enthusiasts

The ever-versatile and well balanced 1500 continues to hold up throughout the years and variations for its mix of capabilities to handle a workload and luxurious features combined.

With various cab size options, bed sizes and trim levels, the 1500 offers myriad luxury and entertainment features, making this a go-to choice for the folks who work hard during the day and keep the family close otherwise.

The Ram 2500 does just as well on trips down country roads as it does on city highways If you need your truck to hold up impressively in any environment, the 2500 is made to do just that. With an impressive suite of luxury and safety features coupled with a tow capacity of nearly eighteen thousand pounds, the 2500 suits anyone who needs their truck to function at optimal levels in any environment.