Where to find the best deals on Samsung Galaxy S9

Every year, Samsung introduces a number of new smartphones. Different series cater a different consumer market yet each and every launch is anticipated worldwide. The Galaxy series is no exception. Samsung Galaxy S9 has been a hot topic ever since its launch was predicted. With the all new features and a beautiful design, it has become a wish list addition for many. If you don’t have $900 to spend on a single phone, worry not! These deals have got you covered with a few hundred dollars off the most wanted phone of the year!



Verizon is well known for coming up with trade deals to accommodate people who want to own the latest smartphone without having to waste money. Similarly, since April 5 this year, Verizon has a 50% off going on for Galaxy S9. The only thing you have to do is trade in your previous mobile. These mobiles must be from the list of qualified phones which includes:

  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6 Plus
  • Note 8
  • Galaxy S8, S8+, S7 Edge
  • LG G6, V30
  • Pixel, Pixel XL
  • Moto Z Force

If you don’t own these models but have any of the previous models of these companies, you may get a 35% discount. Once again, you’ll have to tally the list of qualified phones. If you don’t want to go for a trade in, you can get a 2 year plan in which you’ll pay $33.33 per month for a new S9. Similarly, opening a new service will get you a $150 Mastercard gift card that can be used on its own or as an additional discount with the trade in offer.


This respectable service provider can get you up to $500 off on a new Galaxy S9. The first offer is a trade in. If you have a qualifying phone, you’ll get up to $350 waived off. Other than that, if you’re a DirectTV subscriber with a plan that pays at least $29.99 per month, you’ll get 50% off. Moreover, opening a new service with AT&T will allow you to avail a $150 credit. Another offer lets AT&T subscribers to sign a 2 year plan where they will pay $26.24 per month for a new S9. The best part is that all discounts are stackable. This means if you go about all the routes mentioned above, you’ll get a massive bargain on the phone!


Samsung Galaxy S9’s lowest selling price is $720 and that is being offered by T-Mobile only. Either get this discount and get your phone instantly, without any strings attached whatsoever. Or, you can opt for an installment plan. Like most cases, the plan will be 2 year long. The monthly payment will be of $30. If you previously own a smartphone that is from one of the top notch companies and is a relatively newer model, you could go for a trade plan. Check the list of qualifying phones to make sure whether or not you’re eligible for a $360 discount. Some phones’ trade in will get you $200 off. There is another deal which will attract people who want to purchase more than one Samsung phones. This is a buy-one-get-one-promotional-offer deal. You can buy a Galaxy S9 for $720 and get a major discount on another S9 or S9+.

Research your options and make the most of these bargains. You can easily save up some bucks without compromising on the quality of your phone. Get the 5.8 inch screen with vibrant color display via one of these deals to enjoy a massive discount!



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