Why Money Should Never Stop You from Hiring an Attorney

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Regardless of the legal situation you face, consulting an attorney will help you determine the best path forward. But what if you’re worried that your money situation limits your options? We still highly recommend hiring an attorney.

What situations call for investing in an attorney?

Contract Signing

There are important things to know when signing a contract. When you add your signature to the dotted line, you agree to the terms and to uphold your end of the bargain. Not all contracts require a signature.

In some instances, a verbal contract can be legally binding. However, if you want to protect your rights as much as possible, it’s a good idea to put it in writing.

If you are signing a contract you need an attorney on your side. The terms, limitations, and agreements of a contract can greatly affect your financial situation if you fail to thoroughly read it. Don’t get trapped by a bad deal. Hire an attorney to read your contract before you sign on the dotted line.

It’s important to make sure that all blank lines are filled in and that you fully comprehend the terms. Get the other party’s signature as well, along with a copy of the contract containing both signatures. If you sign a contract online, both parties will have a legal copy without all the hassle of copying, faxing, and shipping.

There are some instances when you shouldn’t sign a contract, such as the following:

  • It has unfilled blanks, either a dollar amount, an item, or date.
  • You are under duress or feel threatened to sign it.
  • You don’t understand something in it and wish to review it with your lawyer.

It’s always a good idea to have an attorney look over a contract before you sign it. Not only can a lawyer explain any confusing terminology, he or she can also point out any red flags that signal a potential problem for you.

Lawsuits & Legal Transactions

Some lawyers help bring people together, others help break them apart – that’s the best way to describe the difference between these two largest classes of lawyers. Transactional practice involves researching, preparing and reviewing the documents that bring individuals and companies together: from contracts for large corporate mergers and acquisitions to the closing documents for the purchase of a house. Ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws also falls under this heading. Lawyers engaged in transactional practice never see the inside of a courtroom. Their main work involves research, drafting, negotiating, and advising.

Whether you are buying property, selling it, or involved in a lawsuit, you need an attorney. Lawsuits, of course, require an educated law team.

Attorneys are in charge of analyzing every area of the situation to protect you from making a mistake. In fact, failing to hire an attorney for either situation can lead to more costly expenses for you. Save money and stress, by investing in an attorney.

Filing Court Documents

Forms are printed documents with spaces where you can insert information.  Forms have been created (by courts, self-help centers, legal aid organizations, and the like) to help people in their court cases.  Forms typically will not explain the governing law to you, and they may not provide or cover all of the information necessary for the court to reach a decision.  You should use legal forms as a tool in conjunction with the other written documents you prepare, information you gather, and research you do about the law governing your case.

Another aspect that will cost you money, is filing court documents. Depending on your situation, you could be up against tight deadlines. Filing incorrectly could cost you more money. You might even have your court case thrown out if you fail to follow court procedures correctly. When preparing your documents, make sure their format complies with the rules of the court in which your case is pending.  Most courts have rules governing how documents are supposed to look and what information they must contain.

An attorney can file documents for you to make sure everything is done properly and on time.

To Avoid More Complicated Issues

Sometimes being ignorant can be a serious determent to your financial standing. Hiring a lawyer can help you avoid potential legal crossroads. If you aren’t able to fully read and understand the fine print, then it is a good idea to hire someone who can.

Start your search for a good attorney today and avoid legal hassles down the road.