Why Phone Back Up Is Crucial

         Whether we want to admit it or not but our lives revolve around our phones. By phones I mean smart phones. It has everything. There is no denying the fact that cell phones of today have replaced so many things, ranging from huge things like computers, cameras, calendar, watches, notepads, and alarm clocks to even sticky notes we used as reminders.


         It is safe to say we cannot function without our smart phones. New age technology has advanced so much that we can now accomplish a lot from anywhere. Make a presentation while on your commute, complete an assignment on the way to class, make a collage for a friend and post it on Instagram just before going to bed. So naturally there is a lot of data that is saved in a single phone. We cannot dare to even think parting with these helpful creations.



The data stored is so very important to us for so many reasons, whether emotional or professional. Your phone probably has pictures of loved ones or from vacationing with friends (so many wonderful memories) to all the important contacts to the birthday reminders. In short it has stuff that you wouldn’t want to lose. With the busy schedules you cannot be expected to convert the phone data to your computer data. Even if you can do that, the data still wouldn’t be safe. The best and easiest way to keep your data safe without much hassle is *drum roll* phone back up!

Following are a few reasons why you need to back up your phone.

1. Irreplaceable Data:

         There are certain things that can be replaced easily, well not easily but still you can get them back again. Downloaded songs or videos or even movies can be attained again. However there are certain things that cannot be replaced, like your nana’s 80th birthday pictures or your own graduation from school videos or the important meeting notes that is just in a few months. It can be anything, from your professional life work related projects to your personal pictures that you are quite attached to. Losing memories can be painful.

So before your phone suffers from digital dementia you need to back up your phone regularly.

2. Lost or Broken Phone:

         In today’s time, if you fall and hear a cracking sound you literally pray it’s your leg instead of your smart phone. Why? Because of the importance it has in our lives. You cannot go a day without your cell phone. But accidents do happen. Phones are lost or sometimes stolen or sometimes they break. One wrong drop and your smartphone is nothing but a stylishly beautiful brink that held your heart.

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you break your phone and can still recover the data it had. However if you drop your phone in water, bad news, nothing can be recovered. Everything it had has been lost, FOREVER! Unless, you have had it backed up on the internet, meaning your email. Then you can easily open those files in a new smartphone or computer by just logging in on that particular email id.

3. The nightmare that is ‘DELETE ALL PERMANANTLY’:

         Have you ever tried to clean the clutter from your phone so you have some new space but accidentally deleted something of huge importance. The panicking begins. These technological devices are very tricky and quite unpredictable. Sometimes you can even factory reset your phone and it loses everything. This can be extremely frustrating if you really needed that data. Backing up can save the day. Backup system is such a life saver if something like this happens.

Backing up your phone is not hard at all. The cell phone even gives the option of back up and keeps asking if you want to back up your data. Just click yes. You can stop fretting about deleted data, lost or broken phone. Although you might have to bear the expense of a new phone, but that’s another story for another day.



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