Why You Need a Plumber ASAP!

Plumbers are lifesavers but we don’t realize that because we make a very naïve mistake. Most people would only begin searching for a good plumbing service when a disaster has already struck their house. At that point, the situation is already out of hand and fixing the issue costs way too much! What we actually need to do is call a plumber before a big problem occurs. This is when a qualified plumber will fix the issue without asking you to spend hundreds of dollars. You’ll save money and more importantly, time. Here are a few red flags indicating that you need a plumber as soon as possible!


Slow drains

A common plumbing issue that people tend to ignore is slow drainage in sinks and showers. Some people experiment with DIYs since the cause of this problem is mostly blockage of drains. However, if your pipes are old, these DIY chemicals could erode the internal system. A plumber will manually remove the gunk that is causing the blockage or use softer chemicals. You will spend a tad bit more than a DIY experiment but at the same time, the safety of your waterline is guaranteed.


Low water pressure

If the supply in your area is consistent, the water pressure in your taps will be consistent too. This is something you’ll find out over time. If the pressure of water is slowing down day by day or if it is not consistent on a daily basis, you must immediately get a plumber. Probably, the issue will be blockage caused by gunk. But, if it isn’t tackled immediately, this blockage could cause cracks in the entire waterline. The minimum expenditure to fix eroded waterlines can go up to $800. Save that big sum by taking an action right away.

Stinky odors

If your bathrooms or kitchens stink, there’s probably something wrong with your plumbing. Unless, however, there is another apparent issue in these places. Usually, a bad odor is an indication of broken pipes. This odor is like that of sewage or sulfur. If you don’t get a plumber to fix the internal damage, you could possible end up with a cracked foundation. Leakage from a broken pipe leads to structural damage in the longer run.


Gurgling is a sound you probably would’ve heard in your toilet, washing machine, dishwasher or other device that uses water. It is a loud noise that makes it sound like your device is gasping for air. It is usually ignored but doing so can result in leakage. If you don’t want sewerage overflowing from your drains, call a plumber to fix this issue of gurgling. While you wait for your plumber to arrive, make sure you disconnect the water connection with the gurgling device. Once the leakage begins, your home’s floors and interior won’t take long to damage.

Sound of water

The sound of water flowing through the pipes in your home’s structure is pretty common. As long as this sound is heard when a tap is open or when you know water is flowing, it’s harmless. But, if this sound continues otherwise, it means your pipes are leaking. Not only is excessive water being wasted, there is also a risk of flood. You will get higher water bills, experience water leaks throughout the affected area, and risk flooding your indoors. A plumber will replace the damaged pipes and install a new tank to fix this problem. Spend up to $200 at this point to save yourself from inconvenience in the future.

If you’re experiencing any of these minor issues, hire a plumber right away to prevent a major expense in the future!



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