Why You Need To Get Your Cracked Phone Screen Fixed!

These days almost everyone’s phone is an essential part of their everyday lives. But while our smartphones almost always come at a hefty price, they’re still a surprisingly fragile piece of modern equipment. And the many challenges of everyday life make it very easy to damage our phones. At any time you’re only one moment of butterfingers away from a cracked screen that can render your phone less effective or altogether useless.


New smartphones don’t come cheap these days. Basically, your phone is an investment, and maintaining its quality will pay off in the long run. When you’re ready to upgrade and are looking to trade in your phone, you will get a much greater return if your phone is in good condition rather than cracked and broken. So, go ahead and have your screen fixed, then get a good case and a screen protector to keep this from happening again!


The cost of repairing a cracked smartphone screen is often enough to prevent people from getting their phones fixed. But really, it’s an investment well worth making. Here’s why.

That little crack can easily turn into a completely shattered screen

It may just be a little hairline crack right now, but that’s just the beginning. The structure of the glass on your phone screen bears a unique makeup that puts you at high risk of a completely shattered screen – even if all you can see right now is a tiny little crack.

Your best bet is to just go ahead and get it replaced the second you see even the most minor crack in your phone screen. It’s far easier for a professional to replace a cracked screen than a shattered one, so it’ll cost you less than half as much to get it replaced now before the whole display falls apart.

Even the smallest crack in your screen leaves your phone susceptible to the spread of larger, deeper cracks if not repaired immediately. Your phone may still function properly at first, but everyday use will cause the cracks to spread further and eventually damage underlying layers of your screen. There is also the increased likelihood of water or dirt getting caught in cracks as they get larger. This can cause damage to components inside of your phone, leading to a decrease or complete lack in functionality. Long story short, if you have a nice smartphone that you’ve invested in, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to screen repair.

The time and cost of having your screen repaired is probably less than you imagine. At Re-Tech we provide an estimated time frame so you’ll know exactly when to expect your repaired phone. It’s often within a couple of hours!

External damage can lead to internal damage

Your screen does more than display the elements of your phone that you rely on — it also serves to protect your phone’s internal components. If you leave your phone screen compromised, then the more delicate and important components of your phone are also compromised. And it is way more expensive to replace an entire phone than it is to replace just a cracked screen!

Those little glass shards love to lodge themselves in human skin

We’re sure at least some of you have experienced this before — because the way that we use our phones involved sliding out fingers across the screen, then it follows that a cracked screen paves the way for slashing your fingers open if you continue to use it while damaged. Save your fingers! Fix your screen!

It’s close to impossible to sell a phone with a damaged screen

New phone models come out all the time. And one of the best ways to offset the cost of upgrading to the latest model is to resell the phone that you have now. But if your screen is damaged, you will lose out on hundreds of dollars when you try to resell your phone. It’s best to get your cracked screen fixed as quickly as possible in order to prevent further damage in the meantime to maximize what you can ask of your phone when it comes time to sell it.

Definitely don’t walk into a meeting with cracked phone screen

How you take care of your possessions can reflect back on you, and in a professional setting that can have some pretty significant consequences if you pull out a phone with a spiderweb of cracks. Put your best foot forward: repair your cracked phone screen right away. You’ve got tons of reasons to take care of your phone. Just make sure that you take your phone to a professional to repair or replace your phone screen to make sure the job gets done right.



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