Dental Discount Plan Vs Dental Insurance

Michael Blake Credit Cards, Health

One visit to a dentist can leave us with a severe blow to pockets. In case you happen to be 65 years of age or above, beware! Dental treatments might cost you more than the entire amount of your savings. However, we all can relate to the fact that when a tooth emergency arises, the unbearable pain needs to be addressed and that too immediately. Whether you are old or young, it ceases to matter. In a case like this, a dental insurance plan might come in handy for it would decrease the otherwise exorbitant cost of covering a dental risk.

On the other hand, dental emergencies arise in the first place due to irregular dental checkups that are pretty understandable owing to the insanely high costs of dental checkups. Which is why, getting a Dental discount plan instead might work better in your favour since it is like a membership plan, through which you get your dental insurgency fixed at a relatively lower amount; one that is negotiated between your discount plan provider and the dentist. Also a discount plan can cover services which a dental insurance plan tends to overlook.

Why a discount plan works better than insurance plan?

  • It’s cheaper

Discount plans have lower monthly fees as compared to insurance plans. Those on fixed incomes often can’t afford to pay around $30 per month for their dental insurance. According to “Policy Genius”, a dental discount plan costs around $16 per month, which means you end up paying 15% less. Basically these plans work similar to a membership at your favourite club, where you get to pay a lower price, anywhere between 25-50% less (according to the Balance Reports), for any services you receive from your dentist.

  • No deductibles

Deductible is the amount that you need to have paid for the discount to start kicking in, and is mainly associated with insurance plans. Dental discount plans have no deductibles. Dental insurgence commonly arises unannounced and if at a time like this, your dental insurance plan is dormant for not having paid the specific amount needed to kick start the bus; your pockets are going to get the brunt of the situation.

  • No Limited visits to a dentist

Dental insurance plans often place limits on the number of visits or procedures you can have in a year. That’s not an issue with discount plans whereby you can have as many visits as you want or need. All these visits would be properly accounted for in terms of the discount.

  • Don’t have to bother about annual caps

Insurance caps are often placed by insurance companies on the amount they will pay annually.  While the companies might go generous and offer better discounts at times, however during tough financial times, they might not be willing to offer you much. You would often need to cover the additional expenses on your own.

A dental discount plan will give you discount on whatever your final cost is as per the negotiation between your dentist and the policy maker, without having to worry about annual caps. Hence you would be better covered against a dental risk coming your way.

  • Underwritings won’t change!

Insurance plans go through underwriting reviews, causing a change in the services that you thought you were insured for. This means, you might have a certain service included in your underwriting during the time you signed up for the insurance policy, however later the underwriting went through a review and the service was excluded.  Dental discount plans thankfully, do not go through underwriting reviews.

Dental problems are not only difficult to bear but also dangerous for your entire jaw bone which gets affected as your teeth is affected. Thereby, stop taking it easy and get it checked using a discount plan or insurance policy, whichever suits you better.