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  • Are Your Pets Susceptible to the Flu?

    Are Your Pets Susceptible to the Flu?

    With the arrival of the cold season comes the increased risk of colds and flu. The course of 2018 saw the worse cases of flu among children and adults alike. With the rise in flue cases among people, more pet owners are distressed at whether their canine and feline companions can contract the flu too? […]

  • Why American Parents are Choosing to Adopt

    There has been an incredible rise in the number of caregivers and parents looking to adopt. Couples struggling with fertility issues or looking to open their hearts to giving a child a loving home seek adoption and some of these are not as obvious as you may have previously thought. If the idea of adopting […]

  • Need to Know about Taking Supplements

    Need to Know about Taking Supplements

    If you are not receiving sufficient nutrition from your daily foods or considering natural remedies to manage a chronic condition, then vitamin and mineral supplements may seem like the most convenient choice. From capsules to powders, these supplemental products are overwhelming to choose from so how so you know which is best for your needs? […]

  • Want to Improve Your Smile

    Missing teeth or the removal of teeth can leave you with exposed and receding gums. This may stop you from smiling, laughing and living your life to the full for fear of being self-conscious of your dental condition. Let’s face it; a smile is a favourable facial feature. When you lack teeth, your smile is […]

  • Top Exercises You Can Perform at Home to Lose Weight

    The increased fast pace of living and sedentary lifestyle has contributed to the epidemic of obesity we are witnessing in adults and in children. According to recent statistics, an average 160 million Americans are suffering from obesity daily. Unfortunately, weight that is excessive and left unchecked, increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes and hypertension […]

  • Tips to Stick to Your New Years Resolutions 

    We all make New Year’s resolutions because the end of the year is the time to close the chapter on the things not working in your life and to introduce new goals that will work for you. While every one of us has the best of intentions when New Year goals are set, we seldom […]

  • The Ways Portable Oxygen Concentrators Improve Quality of Life

    Oxygen therapy is an essential life sustaining solution for patients suffering from respiratory conditions and limitations. Large tanks are widely recognized as delivering oxygen to patients but these units compromise the ability to live a mobile and fulfilling lifestyle. [BUTTONS1] An oxygen concentrator can improve your quality of life. The most obvious benefits of investing in an […]

  • The Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

    The Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

    Whether you have suffered tooth loss, oral injuries or disease, the gapped smile or missing tooth can affect your confidence and ability to live a normal life. Your teeth are important. From being able to speak fluently to basic tasks such as chewing your food, the loss of one or more teeth can have a […]

  • The Important Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes 

    The Important Differences Between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes 

    Diabetes is a chronic medical condition involving the regulation of blood sugar and insulin. When the body is unable to produce insulin to manage healthy levels of glucose in the blood stream it causes a variety of symptoms that could become life threatening. Every year hundreds of people are diagnosed with Diabetes. Although diet can […]

  • The Effects of Osteoporosis on the Body

    Osteoporosis can have devastating effects on general physical function particularly mobility. It causes the progressive degeneration of the joints including the cartilage. The result is a bone on bone chafing that eventually wears the joint leaving you stiff, sore and having to manage severe inflammation. Learning how Osteoartrhitis occurs and its effects on the body […]

  • The Best Asthma Healthcare Tips 

    The Best Asthma Healthcare Tips 

    What is asthma, anyway? Inhale, exhale. We do both involuntarily, around the clock, every day of our lives. For those with asthma, a chronic lung condition, the very act of breathing can be frustrating and sometimes scary – especially for kids. When you breathe in air through your mouth or nose, it travels to the lungs […]

  • New Hearing Aids Improve Sound and Aesthetics

    Many people including older adults suffering from diminished hearing have avoided the traditional hearing aid. The hearing devices of old are large, uncomfortable and highly noticeable. It becomes impossible for individuals to benefit from discrete solutions allowing them to hear their surrounds without concern of a large visible hearing piece. Fortunately, advances in the medical […]

  • Important Colon Cancer Facts You Should Know

    The occurrence of colon cancer has reached staggering numbers in the US alone. The progressive disease can quickly take over healthy function and metastasize rapidly leaving many patients with little hope of improvement. Fortunately, with reliance on advanced technology, the earlier colon cancer is detected the better the prognosis. We provide important colon cancer facts […]

  • A Look at the Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

    With all the advertisements claiming the electric toothbrush is the best choice for cleaning your teeth, you may be wondering whether this oral tool is another gimmick or can deliver on its promises. Electric toothbrushes are certainly convenient but can it truly clean your teeth 10 times better than a traditional toothbrush? We look at […]

  • A Look Back at the Innovations of 2017

    As 2018 comes to an end and we get to see the approach of the exciting new features of 2019’s newest releases, it’s worth looking back at the innovative milestones of 2017 and 2018. [BUTTONS1] For one thing, our next round of luxury vehicles owes some of its merit to the breakthrough technologies and advancements […]

  • Netflix Isn’t The Only Movie Streaming Service

    Netflix Isn’t The Only Movie Streaming Service

    RIP Blockbuster. Gone but forever in our hearts. Gone are the days of going to your local movie rental store and picking out your two favorite titles for a movie night in. With the advent of technological advances, streaming services have taken over the at-home movie industry and changed the way consumers interact with entertainment […]

  • How Secure Are Apps For Mobile Payment?

    How Secure Are Apps For Mobile Payment?

    The advent of mobile payments apps have made it easier than ever to complete transactions, send money to friends and family, and process payments in a flash. But how secure is it to carry your money on your phone? Today, you no longer have to pull out your wallet to buy a cup of coffee […]

  • Slash Your Internet And Cable Bills

    Slash Your Internet And Cable Bills

    The price of cable has reached almost ridiculous heights in recent years. Combining your cable and internet services may save you a little bit, but even this almost always fails to produce a significant savings on your monthly bill. [BUTTONS1] The price of cable has increased at a far higher rate than the cost of […]

  • Your GPS Tracker Has Uses You May Not Know About!

    Your GPS Tracker Has Uses You May Not Know About!

    GPS trackers are a wildly underestimated piece of technology that just about everyone has access to in one form or another. Your phone probably has apps with GPS functions built in to grant you functionality and practical uses that otherwise would not be possible. [BUTTONS1] You can get real time tracking details of your vehicles […]

  • Dental Implants to restore your perfect smile

    Are you afraid to smile because you don’t want to display that missing tooth which makes your smile look not so perfect? Are you also afraid to make a public speech because your voices slightly slur on account of that missing tooth? Does your food keep sticking in the cavity where your tooth once was? […]

  • Dental Implants for a Flawless Smile.

            The best feature of a person is their smile. Anything that may disrupt your smile can be disturbing. Having lost a tooth or several teeth can result in difficulties like eating, speaking and even takes a toll on your self-esteem. Besides, everyone wants a good set of pearly whites. According to some studies, an […]

  • Dental Discount Plan Vs Dental Insurance

    One visit to a dentist can leave us with a severe blow to pockets. In case you happen to be 65 years of age or above, beware! Dental treatments might cost you more than the entire amount of your savings. However, we all can relate to the fact that when a tooth emergency arises, the […]