The Ways Portable Oxygen Concentrators Improve Quality of Life

Oxygen therapy is an essential life sustaining solution for patients suffering from respiratory conditions and limitations. Large tanks are widely recognized as delivering oxygen to patients but these units compromise the ability to live a mobile and fulfilling lifestyle.


An oxygen concentrator can improve your quality of life. The most obvious benefits of investing in an oxygen concentrator are if you or someone you love happens to suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, or COPD. As a general rule, relying on an oxygen concentrator can translate into better, easier breathing for long-term recovery and illness maintenance. In fact, there is evidence to support the claim that relying on an oxygen concentrator or another form of oxygen therapy can pay off with a longer lifespan and a higher quality of living than would be expected from those who neglect this avenue.


How an Oxygen Concentrator Works

While you may not yet be used to the notion of using an oxygen concentrator in your day to day life, the principle that makes oxygen concentrators work is actually quite simple. After a doctor or physician has taken the time and effort to determine if oxygen therapy is an ideal solution for you, you’ll be tested to decide what concentration of oxygen you actually need for your portable oxygen concentrator. Using the concentrator will mean that your blood will be fortified with a higher level of oxygen than you would normally obtain. This pays off in a number of different ways, from the whole body perspective right on down to the individual cellular level. More importantly, not only does the use of oxygen concentrators work to aid in certain benefits, it can also protect you from a number of potential maladies, including high build ups of carbon dioxide in the blood stream.

Oxygen therapy is prescribed for a number of different illnesses and disorders, some of which are long-term and others which only require short-term intervention and maintenance. While COPD is an example of a long-term need for oxygen concentrators, short-term disorders also include illnesses like pneumonia.

Furthermore, when you begin a home oxygen therapy that relies on a portable oxygen concentrator, you can look forward to a number of advantages ranging from increased and improved mobility, fewer instances of sleep disruption, and some proof that oxygen therapy can actually improve memory and memory retention. Add to this the benefits of fewer headaches of lesser severity and a boosted immune system and it isn’t hard to see how and why oxygen concentrators are an asset to many homes and families.

The Portable Oxygenator

The compact design of the portable oxygen tank has afforded more seniors and persons managing life threatening conditions, the ability to carry their oxygen supply with them when out or moving around the house. No longer do men and women have to be confined to receive essential oxygen. Learn of the multitude of benefits the latest mobile oxygen containers can provide.

Improve Your Mobility

The efficiency offered with the portable oxygen can prove incredible beneficial for those previously limited by large tanks and spending hours receiving their oxygen therapy. The portable tanks of today make it easier to move and live a better standard of life.


For patients who were restricted during travel because they were unable to manage the high volumes of pressure in flight, the latest technology has made it possibly to fly while on oxygen. These portable oxygen products can also be carried with you onto a train or travel by bus. It can be disconnected and reconnected as you need it. These solutions offer a multitude of benefits that can assist in transforming your life.

Oxygen is a life sustaining element. For those affected by upper respiratory disease and limitations, the portable technology makes it possible to live a somewhat normal life.

The ability to move and travel with oxygen has assisted more people with their well-being and overall life-satisfaction. It releases the confinement and the difficulties associated with larger oxygen tanks that cannot be transported.

Discover how you can improve your life with the incredible benefits and properties of these fully mobile oxygen concentrators.