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  • Need to Know about Taking Supplements

    Need to Know about Taking Supplements

    If you are not receiving sufficient nutrition from your daily foods or considering natural remedies to manage a chronic condition, then vitamin and mineral supplements may seem like the most convenient choice. From capsules to powders, these supplemental products are overwhelming to choose from so how so you know which is best for your needs? […]

  • The Ways Portable Oxygen Concentrators Improve Quality of Life

    Oxygen therapy is an essential life sustaining solution for patients suffering from respiratory conditions and limitations. Large tanks are widely recognized as delivering oxygen to patients but these units compromise the ability to live a mobile and fulfilling lifestyle. [BUTTONS1] An oxygen concentrator can improve your quality of life. The most obvious benefits of investing in an […]

  • New Hearing Aids Improve Sound and Aesthetics

    Many people including older adults suffering from diminished hearing have avoided the traditional hearing aid. The hearing devices of old are large, uncomfortable and highly noticeable. It becomes impossible for individuals to benefit from discrete solutions allowing them to hear their surrounds without concern of a large visible hearing piece. Fortunately, advances in the medical […]

  • A Look at the Benefits of Electric Toothbrushes

    With all the advertisements claiming the electric toothbrush is the best choice for cleaning your teeth, you may be wondering whether this oral tool is another gimmick or can deliver on its promises. Electric toothbrushes are certainly convenient but can it truly clean your teeth 10 times better than a traditional toothbrush? We look at […]

  • A Look Back at the Innovations of 2017

    As 2018 comes to an end and we get to see the approach of the exciting new features of 2019’s newest releases, it’s worth looking back at the innovative milestones of 2017 and 2018. [BUTTONS1] For one thing, our next round of luxury vehicles owes some of its merit to the breakthrough technologies and advancements […]

  • Say Goodbye to the Days of Sharing Cable Service

    Cable is expensive these days. No matter how much you research and shop for deals, bundle your services and cut down to just the basics, cable is the one service that has increased in cost significantly more than any other service in recent years. [BUTTONS1] One way that consumers have discovered to cut down their […]

  • How to Tell if Your Smartphone Model is About to be Rendered Obsolete

    It’s no secret: these days technological equipment often has obsoletion built in to its design. It’s a way for tech giants to encourage consumers to jump aboard with every new release, and drive traffic toward new products even if they carry a hefty price tag. [BUTTONS1] So how do you know when the smartphone you’re […]

  • What to Consider When Switching your phone Carrier

    Switching your phone carrier can be stressful. Shopping around and seeing so many different choices and prices and crazy perks can leave anyone confused ready to throw in the towel. [BUTTONS1] But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you remember a few tips before you get started you’ll be able to weave your […]

  • Home Security Technology is Facing a Major Game Changer

    Home Security Technology is Facing a Major Game Changer

    Your home is supposed to be a place that you associate with safety and relaxation. It should be the one place you can go to unwind, to process information, and to feel completely at ease. So the idea of a home invasion is one of the most horrifying prospects the average person can face — […]

  • Why Backing Up Your Phone Is No Longer Optional

    Why Backing Up Your Phone Is No Longer Optional

    These days, it’s almost impossible to live without a cell phone. Almost everyone in the country relies heavily on their phones and smartphones just to keep up with the demands of our busy, modernized lives. Your phone keeps you connected across multiple platforms, but also helps you stay on top of your tasks, complete transactions, […]

  • The Most Exciting Products Revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

    The Most Exciting Products Revealed at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show

    The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has been setting the stage for the most exciting and innovative technological releases since the 60s, revealing the new products and technologies to look out for that drive the way we live our daily lives and interact with the rapidly-changing world around us. [BUTTONS1] This year we got to see […]

  • The Best Holiday Deals for Verizon Users

    The Best Holiday Deals for Verizon Users

    Online and in-person shoppers alike look out for the major deals around the holiday season. Starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, major service providers like Verizon put their phones and services on huge discounts — but even if you miss out on those two shopping holidays, the deals continue all throughout the season. [BUTTONS1] […]

  • Netflix Isn’t The Only Movie Streaming Service

    Netflix Isn’t The Only Movie Streaming Service

    RIP Blockbuster. Gone but forever in our hearts. Gone are the days of going to your local movie rental store and picking out your two favorite titles for a movie night in. With the advent of technological advances, streaming services have taken over the at-home movie industry and changed the way consumers interact with entertainment […]

  • How Secure Are Apps For Mobile Payment?

    How Secure Are Apps For Mobile Payment?

    The advent of mobile payments apps have made it easier than ever to complete transactions, send money to friends and family, and process payments in a flash. But how secure is it to carry your money on your phone? Today, you no longer have to pull out your wallet to buy a cup of coffee […]

  • Slash Your Internet And Cable Bills

    Slash Your Internet And Cable Bills

    The price of cable has reached almost ridiculous heights in recent years. Combining your cable and internet services may save you a little bit, but even this almost always fails to produce a significant savings on your monthly bill. [BUTTONS1] The price of cable has increased at a far higher rate than the cost of […]

  • Your GPS Tracker Has Uses You May Not Know About!

    Your GPS Tracker Has Uses You May Not Know About!

    GPS trackers are a wildly underestimated piece of technology that just about everyone has access to in one form or another. Your phone probably has apps with GPS functions built in to grant you functionality and practical uses that otherwise would not be possible. [BUTTONS1] You can get real time tracking details of your vehicles […]

  • The Best High-Tech Products Revealed at CES 2018

    All the great minds of today are engaged in producing technology which can better address the situations at hand and aim towards a better, safer and more comfortable future for the consumers. Brilliant minds are an asset of a country and they need to be given due recognition. Realizing this, Las Vegas hosts a CES […]

  • Tech Gadgets That Are Senior Citizen Friendly

             Internet has become extremely important for us. It is used by not just the students or by adults, babies use it (you know, YouTube videos to calm them) and even senior citizens have now gotten a taste for it. Once you get the taste for the internet, you can’t let it go. If you […]

  • High Tech Cars

           It’s almost 2019 and the future of cars is here. With each step we take towards the rise in technology, the universe of electric and independent vehicles are competing to introduce the best and the most amazing tech features and facilities in their cars. [BUTTONS1] Although the self- driving vehicles are still under study […]

  • How You Can Use New Financial Technology To Expand Your Business.

    Small and medium-sized businesses across the United States are increasingly relying on new technology solutions to strengthen their product development, marketing, and customer engagement activities. Technology adoption is often the best way to drive relative advantage over competitors, even among small businesses. This is especially true with regard to computer and Internet technologies. Your business […]