Netflix Isn’t The Only Movie Streaming Service

RIP Blockbuster. Gone but forever in our hearts.

Gone are the days of going to your local movie rental store and picking out your two favorite titles for a movie night in. With the advent of technological advances, streaming services have taken over the at-home movie industry and changed the way consumers interact with entertainment altogether.


Netflix was the big-time trailblazer in shifting the industry in an entirely new direction. But now Netflix faces some serious competition. Check out a few of these alternatives.


Video streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon is a giant household name, but its premium service Amazon Prime boasts some pretty incredible features that a lot of consumers still don’t know about. Even those who do sign up for Amazon Prime usually only do so to gain access to free two-day shipping. But Prime customers also have access to a wealth of media storage and streaming services they may not know about at all.

Amazon Prime users have access to a huge selection of videos, movies and TV shows. The catch is, you’re still subject to a purchase or rental fee, but it’s still pretty low. Amazon has some catching up to do to get to the Netflix level, but it’s a great alternative for Prime customers all the same.

As a Prime member, you can watch thousands of popular movies and TV shows at no extra cost, including exclusives and award-winning Amazon Originals available in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Save even more with exclusive deals on video purchases. Prime members can also enjoy two-day shipping, unlimited photo storage and access to ad-free music and Kindle eBooks. 


If television shows are your entertainment bread and butter, then Hulu is without a doubt the service for you. There’s no better streaming service out there for selection and variety than Hulu. The service offers multiple plans at affordable rates so you can tailor your price to your budget and realistic needs.

But — you have to watch ads. It’s an enormous downfall, and one that costs Hulu dearly in new subscribers and interest. If you can stand the ads and want the best selection of TV shows, then Hulu is a go-to choice.

If you are one of those people who always miss their favorite shows on the tube, then going to Hulu is a must. The website is a joint venture of ABC, Inc, Fox Entertainment Group and NBC Universal. It is funded by Providence Equity Partners. Its name is based on the Mandarin term “Hulu” which means “the keeper of precious things”. This is a relatively great term for a website that holds great videos from both television and the movies.

Whether it is Hulu glee you are after or maybe Hulu 30 Rock, then this site is the place to be. If you would like to watch a few movies during the weekend, you no longer need to rent a movie because you can use your Hulu desktop to your heart’s content.

Apart from watching Hulu TV on your desktop or your laptop computer, you also have the choice of watching Hulu on TV. If you have PlayOn software and have consoles that work with that software, you will be able to watch Hulu right on your television set. Those who are addicted to watching their favorite shows on Hulu found this new offering quite amazing because it is like enjoying television the traditional way and there is no need to use headphones or use the largest monitor in the house to watch their favorite shows.


The iTunes platform is a great choice for a very specific kind of viewer.

If you don’t watch much television or care to watch movies at home, then you don’t really need a streaming service. But if you want to be able to download individual shows and movies and take them with you, even to places that don’t have an internet connection, then the iTunes platform is perfect for that.

iTunes makes it easy to lose yourself in a movie, whether you’re relaxing at home or out in the world. Just download your favorite movies and you have something great to watch while you’re commuting to work, traveling, or just standing in line somewhere. You can enjoy bonus movie content like deleted and alternate scenes with iTunes Extras. If you can’t decide what to watch, check out the handpicked Movie of the Week. And if you watch on Apple TV 4K, you’ll be able to enjoy a tremendous selection of your favorite content in 4K HDR.

All your movies are just a tap away.

Whatever you feel like watching — a Hollywood blockbuster, or a documentary — iTunes keeps your entire collection of movies organized and ready to play. So you can easily browse your library for something great to watch. Or find something entirely new on the iTunes Store.

It’s a service for a pretty particular demographic, but for those whose needs fit in that grey area, iTunes is a great match.