The Best High-Tech Products Revealed at CES 2018

All the great minds of today are engaged in producing technology which can better address the situations at hand and aim towards a better, safer and more comfortable future for the consumers. Brilliant minds are an asset of a country and they need to be given due recognition. Realizing this, Las Vegas hosts a CES (Consumer Electronic Show) every year, whereby it invites the tech giants from all over the globe to come over and display their mind boggling discoveries and inventions to the entire world.


CES technically aims to provide a platform not only for the tech giants of the electronics industry to display their work, but also arrange an opportunity for the companies which are currently working at a relatively smaller scale, yet aspire to go big in the near future can come and get inspired. Moreover, CES also provides an idea to the consumer about which problem or issue is the electronic industry currently working to solve and putting their time and energy in. This keeps the end consumer updated about the sort of products they should be expecting to hit the market in near future.


CES 2018:

This year, around 170,000 people attended the event, from 150 different countries. Moreover, 4000 companies exhibited their work at CES this year. The numbers themselves are an indication of what a huge success the occasion must have been. The interesting thing was, most of the exciting and futuristic projects this year came from smaller, lesser known companies, most of which were basically start-ups.

CES 2018 showcased exciting gadgets ranging from common and popular ones such as robots and self driving cars etc to more diverse and innovative projects, which has basically set the tone for the next twelve months to follow. Here is our pick of the best ones:

  • Philip’s Smart Sleep:

Probably the most exciting product for insomniacs or the ones who just don’t have enough time to sleep, Philips has introduced a head band which is going to lull you to sleep by playing soothing tunes. However, the headband even boasts of providing a prolonged deep sleep, which is generally the most restorative phase of one’s night. It does this through sensors which detect when a person enters into deep sleep, signalling the algorithm based band to play tones which will boost your slow waves and help you sleep better.

  • L’Oreal UV Sense:

We are all aware of how dangerous the Ultraviolet Radiations from the sun can be for the skin, capable of damaging the skin and even lead to skin cancer. Many would argue applying sunscreens can limit the dangers of such radiations; however, humans do have a forgetful nature.

A L’Oreal UV Sense is the latest gadget which allows you to enjoy a quality time under sun, as long as you wear it. The gadgets expects you to fill out a questionnaire about your skin type, the data is then synced to your mobile whereby the sensors tracks the amount of sun you receive all day and alerts you when to re-apply a sunscreen or head for shade.

  • Byton’s Concept Car:

The concept car launched by Byton, a start-up company, has revolutionised the way you think of cars. Instead of designing a self driving car like most other companies, Byton focused instead on creating a smart and intuitive transport means, which gives you the luxury normally associated with lounges. Ranging from facial recognition features to Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant, Byton’s concept car gives you all the time to relax while you drive.

These products and more are now all set to hit the markets. Revolutionise your today with these gadgets which bring you closer to an ever brighter future.