Dental Implants to restore your perfect smile

Michael Blake Credit Cards, Health

Are you afraid to smile because you don’t want to display that missing tooth which makes your smile look not so perfect? Are you also afraid to make a public speech because your voices slightly slur on account of that missing tooth? Does your food keep sticking in the cavity where your tooth once was?

Its time you say goodbye to all those problems, since we have found the perfect solution for you. It is now possible for you to smile broadly, make public speeches without getting conscious of your word delivery and eat your favourite food, whether sticky or not! All of this is made possible by the use of dental implants, which are the next big thing in market, offering you a guaranteed solution in a cheaper price.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants basically allow you to replace your missing teeth with replacement teeth which behaves just like normal teeth and can last for many years, provided you take good care of them. These are crafted out of ceramic and attached to small titanium rods, which are in turn fixed to the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth. A crown is later fitted on top of these implants, which looks just like your normal teeth. Dental implants don’t ever need to be adjusted or resized, since they fit perfectly into your jaw. Once they are fitted in your jaw, they don’t need to be removed or taken off, unlike dentures.

Why choose Dental Implants over Dentures?

Dentures are extremely uncomfortable and often cause pain while wearing and taking off. They need to be soaked at night and often need creams and adhesives to function normally. Most importantly, they don’t look real, so it’s easy for a person to spot the fact that you are missing a tooth! Since they are not real and are basically prosthetics, they don’t even feel like a part of your natural jaw.

Dental implants on the other hand, can be customized according as per your preference. You can even color them with a shade that matches the natural shade of your teeth, so that they can blend in completely and never look out of place. Moreover, they are extremely comfortable to wear since they fit in your jaw just like your normal teeth, don’t need to be taken off nor soaked for cleaning purposes. Even though dental implants too are not your normal teeth, however they still feel more real and natural as compared to dentures.

Additionally, dental implants also help prevent bone loss. People who are missing teeth often fail to understand that the jaw bone under the cavity starts getting absorbed by your body which causes your jaw to get weaker and consequently lose more teeth also making you look older. Dental implants however fill up the cavity due to which the absorption of jaw bone stops, helping to stabilize it and reinstate your beautiful smile.

Dental Implants are even cheaper!

Dental implants have gone down significantly in price, thanks to the innovative materials which are now available in a much cheaper price. “Dental Economics” reports that the implant which would previously cost you around $600, is now available in only $150. If this too seems a bit expensive, cost can be further reduced by a good research. Login to your devices and search for the best available dental insurance and discount plans, through which you can potentially save a lot more on the cost of implants.

Check and compare the services of various dentists in your region and choose the one which fits your needs so that your days of being embarrassed over a missing tooth can finally come to a halt.