The Lasting Benefits of Dental Implants

Whether you have suffered tooth loss, oral injuries or disease, the gapped smile or missing tooth can affect your confidence and ability to live a normal life. Your teeth are important. From being able to speak fluently to basic tasks such as chewing your food, the loss of one or more teeth can have a significant impact on the quality of these seemingly simple actions. The dental implant is a prosthetic tooth that is placed where the missing tooth was. It creates a natural appeal and restores normal oral function. Learn how the benefits of dental implants can make a lasting difference on your life.


While many patients are familiar with traditional adhesive or crown-supported dental restorations, implants are quickly coming to represent the gold standard for care. At Muntean Dentistry, we provide implant-supported restorations, and work with a specialist for the placement of the implant itself.


To help patients understand why implants are so popular in modern dentistry, we have created this guide to explain what happens when teeth are lost, and how implants preserve and improve the health and appearance of patients’ smiles.

What Happens When You Lose Teeth?

The roots of healthy teeth are essential in preserving the long-term stability of the jaw, as well as facial shape. When teeth are lost, the lack of stimulation leads to bone resorption, creating a sunken appearance and making regular oral function difficult.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

Implants act as the artificial roots to your dental restoration, providing additional support and preventing the onset or progression of bone resorption. The greatest benefits of dental implants are:

Additional Stability: Single and multi-tooth restorations are connected to the implant, which creates ideal support. Prosthetics such as dentures are no longer subject to becoming loose and uncomfortable. This allows patients to regain the full function of their bite without worrying over embarrassing slips.

Long Lasting Jaw Health: Patients who undergo implant placement are able to avoid the difficulties that can arise from tooth loss. Implant posts preserve the stability of the jaw and cheekbones, protecting smile aesthetics and bite comfort for years to come.

Minimal Effect on Neighboring Teeth: Implant-supported restorations are also entirely self-contained. Teeth neighboring the gap in your smile will not need to be shaped in order to support crowns.

Partial dentures supported by dental implants are also less damaging to the remaining healthy teeth, as they will not need to be supported by the clasps of a metal frame. When the prosthetics need to be replaced, the existing implants remain in place and are restored.

Restores Your Smile

The dental implant can restore the beauty and the condition of your smile. Missing teeth can leave you feeling awkward in social situations, unwilling to speak or show your teeth. The dental implant is secured into your jaw and is created to look like the natural remaining teeth in your mouth. These contemporary dental solutions can create a perfect restored smile helping you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

Prevents Loss of Bone Density and Facial Structure

When you leave your jawbone exposed owing to a lack of a tooth, the bone slowly recedes and your entire facial structure can produce an inward or collapsed appearance. This is especially true for teeth lost in the front of the mouth. Dental implants keep the bone and structures in place to maintain your natural profile.

Strong and Natural in Appearance

The dental implant is designed to represent your natural teeth. It includes the same shape, color and features to ensure it fits within the remaining group of teeth. It is secured into the jawbone allowing you to chew food and speak with confidence.

Dental implants are incredible restorative prosthetics. It can make a tremendous difference to your life. The dental implant provides you a beautiful, natural looking smile.